Island of Dreams

In the Dream World, you'll have access to the special Island of Dreams which will allow you to travel several potential areas. In these areas, you have to go through 10 secreens, finding Pokémon and items as you travel through. Once you have entered through 10 different areas in the island, you'll get taken to the Dream Treee where you'll be able to offer a berry or item in exchange for allowing a Pokémon to join you. These Pokémon are then sent to the Entralink Forest when you next sync up with your game. When you encounter Pokémon, you have to partake in a variety of minigames. If you succeed, the Pokémon will be happy and be befriended

There are several different areas within the Dream Island, and they get unlocked as you collect Dream Points in the Dream World. As you get more of these points, you'll get access. Below is a list of the areas and the Pokémon and items you can find within.

After you have received 7,500 Dream Points in the Dream World, more Pokémon will open up in each area allowing for even more Pokémon to be found. This is then repeated at 10,000