Here are the pre-release Pictures from Pokémon Black & Pokémon White. Click the Link to view the picture:

Zorua VS Zoroark
The new Pokémon Centre
A City
A Cave
The Starting Town
Crossing a bridge over a number of vehicles including cars
Walking through the city - Courtesy of Filb
Walking through the city - Courtesy of Filb
Walking through the city - Courtesy of Filb
Selecting your gender
The Male Trainer in a factory area
The Male Trainer in a Forest
The Female Trainer in a City
The Female Trainer on train tracks
In Castelia City
In Castelia City's Market
In Castelia City's Alleys
Zorua VS Zoroark
Zorua VS Zoroark
VS Zoroark disguised as Entei
Raikou VS Zoroark - It's Transforming
Raikou VS Zoroark as Entei
Entei VS Zoroark - Before Transformation
Zoroark's Illusion Broke
In Castelia City's Harbor
A lookout into a bridge
Tepig VS Oshawott
Oshawott VS Snivy
Tepig VS Oshawott
Snivy VS Tepig
Castelia City
Castelia City
Castelia City
Castelia City
Exiting Castelia City
11/06/10 - 14/06/10
Battling Reshiram
Battling Zekrom
Zorua's Attacks
Zoroark's Attacks
Celebi & Zorua in a building
Zoroark uses Night Burst
Snivy VS Klink
Klink uses Gear Grind
Tepig VS Munna
Tepig VS Chiramii
Oshawott VS Pidove
Oshawott VS Blitzle
Sandile is victorious
Sandile is victorious
Darmanitan uses a Fire-type Move
The GTS in the Pokémon Centres
The C Cog Feature
Chiramii in the Pokédex
Snivy in the Pokédex
Unova Region
In a honeycomb?
A red bridge is raised
In a Desert
In a City
The new Battle Interface, with a new indicator
Vending Machine
Professor Juniper
Tepig in the Pokédex
Checking the C Gear
Checking the C Gear
Big Unova Map - Courtesy of RPG Land
Starter Selection - Courtesy of Dogasu
A Castelia City Alleyway - Courtesy of Dogasu
A Castelia City Building - Courtesy of Dogasu
In the Grass - Courtesy of Dogasu
A Battle starts - Courtesy of Dogasu
Sky Arrow Bridge - Courtesy of Dogasu
Sky Arrow Bridge - Courtesy of Dogasu
A new character
A new character
A new trainer
Battling a trainer called Cheren
Battling a trainer called Cheren
A Roller Coaster
Double Battle - Klink & Munna VS Zorua & Zoroark
Double Battle - Chirami & Tepig VS Snivy & Oshawott
Zekrom VS Reshiram
A Castelia City Street
The C-Gear
Double Battle - Haxorus & Excadrill VS Cofagrigus & Galvantula
Double Battle - Haxorus & Excadrill VS Cofagrigus & Galvantula
Triple Battle - Black sends out Blitzle, Darmanitan & Drilbur
Triple Battle - Three Unknown Pokémon
Entering a Forest
A Wild Chiramii Attacked
A Wild Mamopato Attacked
Entei VS Zoroark as Suicune
A PokéBall is thrown
Walking to the "two" trainers
Celebi is sent out
Zorua enters the Pokéball
A Wild Pikachu in the Dream World
A Wild Pikachu in the Dream World
A Mime Jr. in the Dream World
A Wild Leafeon in the Dream World
Oshawott VS Chiramii
Oshawott was Zoroark
Reshiram VS Snivy
Zekrom VS Oshawott
In a route
A Wild Gothitelle Appeared
A Wild Reuniclus Appeared
Gothitelle VS Reuniclus
Black City
Black City
White Forest
White Forest
A City in one version
A City in one version
Gothitelle uses Magic Room
Reuniclus's Dust-Proof Ability is in effect
Braviary uses Sky Drop on Chiramii
Axew uses Dual Chop on Munna
Woobat uses Heart Stamp
Patrat uses After You on its teammate
Tepig now attacks immediately
A Wild Musharna Appeared
Connect to WiFi with Dream Smoke
You, Bianca, Munna & Musharna
Meeting Makomo
Entralink - Finding a trainer in Unova
Entralink - Locating a trainer on part of the map
Entralink - Entering the Entralink
Entralink - Finding a trainer
In a Triple Battle
Viable Targets in the middle
Viable Targets in the side
The Move option
Surf in a Triple Battle
In-Game Xtransceiver
A Trainer's Record in Pass By
Your box in Infra Red trades
The Feeling Check
The Feeling Check
The Feeling Check
Changing to Kanji
Changing to Katakana
The Starting Town
Seeing Juniper's Present with Cheren & Bianca
VS Cheren
VS Bianca
Bianca's Father tells her not to leave
Cheren gives advice
Outside Juniper's Lab
Inside Juniper's Lab
Bianca suggests beginning at Route 1
Battling N
Meeting N in a cave
Meeting N in a Town
Meeting N in a City with Cheren
Meeting Bianca at some Ruins
Bikutini in the Pokédex
Receiving the Liberty Pass
Two Wild Watchog Appear
A Wild Deerling
Pokémon Musical - Dress Up
Pokémon Musical - Dress Up
Pokémon Musical - Performance
Pokémon Musical - Performance
The PokéTransfer Mini-Game
Walking in the Grass
Being Shot out of a Cannon
Crossing a Bridge at Sunset
The Map of Unova during a C Gear Link
White Forest
Bikutini in the Pokédex
In the Subway
In the Subway
Trainer Battle with a Chef
Trainer Battle with a Backpacker
Trainer Battle with a Teacher
Trainer Battle with a Football Player
Battling Aroe
Reshiram is Awakened
Zekrom is Awakened
Rotation Battle: Menu
Rotation Battle: Snivy is Rotated into battle
The PokéTransfer Building in Daylight
The PokéTransfer
Piplup VS Patrat
The Battle Subway
The Battle Subway
The Battle Subway
Dressing up Minccino
Performing with Minccino
A How To Play Mode
A Castle where Cilan dwells
A Town
Team Plasma have got Munna - "We're going to save your Pokémon"
Victini's Attacks
Victini & Oshawott VS Snivy & Patrat
Victini's Pokédex
Arriving at Liberty Garden Tower
Getting to Liberty Garden Tower in Castelia City
Wild Victini in the Basement
Swana VS Snivy - Swana uses Windstorm
Gigalith VS Snivy - Gigalith survives a hit
A Wild Watchog Appears
Oshawott & Blitzle VS Axew & Alomomola - Axew is Paralyzed
Oshawott & Blitzle VS Axew & Alomomola - Axew is healed
Sewaddle & Tepig VS Sandile & Snivy - Sewaddle uses Bug Resistance
Drilbur VS Tepig - Drilbur uses Drill Run
Deerling VS Snivy - Deerling resists a grass move
A Route during Spring
A Route during Summer
A Route during Autumn
A Route during Winter
Wild Blitzle & Pidove Appears
Challenging a Team Plasma Grunt
Challenging a Team Plasma Grunt
Plasma in Accumula Town
Striaton Gym - Type Questions
Striaton Gym - Cilan
Striaton Gym - Challenging Cilan
Striaton Gym Badge
Nacrene Gym - Questions
Nacrene Gym - Challenging Lenora
Turning Wonder Launcher On
Selecting Items in the Wonder Launcher
Musical Hall
Musical Hall - Audience
Musical Hall - Performance
C Gear Customisation
Pokédex Customisation
Global Link - Berry Growing
Munna VS Vaporeon - Vaporeon's Hydration Activates
Pokémon Musical - New Music
Rotation Battle
Rotation Battle
Rotation Battle
Victini uses Complete Burn
Pansage VS Oshawott - Pansage uses Acrobatics
Minccino & and unknown Pokémon at Daycare
Crossing a bridge
Getting ambushed into a Triple Battle by three Plasma Grunts
A Sink Hole in the desert
Team Plasma steal a fossil
Excadrillu evolves from Drilbur
A new route in Summer
A new route in Autumn
A new route in Winter
Entering a Lighthouse
A Rotation Battle versus Watchog, Swanna & Musharna
Going under a bridge in the desert
Surfing on rapids
Iris and an old man talking about the Legendary Dragons
A Spiral Staircase
Reshiram attacks Zekrom
Zekrom flies up and attacks Reshiram
Cofagrigus, Galvantula and Klink VS Excadrill, Haxorus & Sandile
Braviary VS Gigalith
Braviary VS Gigalith
Walking through a market
Alomomola uses Wish
Walking past a windmill
Trainer & N in the Ferris Wheel
A character takes the crown to the throne
The King and his guards
A young N and a Darmanitan, Woobat and Zorua
Woobat VS Klink
Blitzle VS Alomomola
Woobat VS Gothitelle
Preparing to warp to the Entralink
A trainer disguised as Machop goes to White in the Entralink
In a rustic town
Patrat running in circles
In the grass by a river
In a cave
Surfing around some small islands
Patrat VS Blitzle
Tepig VS Alomomola
Your team
The Striaton Gym
Striaton Gym Badge in the badge case
Snivy, Patrat and a new Pokémon
In the Music Hall
Meeting N in a cave
The player, Bianca & Cheren in town
Fusion Flare is being used
Fusion Flare is being used
Fusion Flare is being used
Fusion Bolt is being used
Fusion Bolt is being used
Fusion Bolt is being used
Dewott VS Servine
Servine VS Pignite
Pignite VS Dewott
Bouffalant VS Snivy - Bouffalant uses Head Charge
Sawsbuck VS Sandile
Roggenrola VS Woobat
Audino & Snivy - Audino uses Heal Beam
Wild Cottonee Appears
Wild Petilil Appears
Watchog VS Foongus
Watchog VS Foongus - Foongus uses Clear Smog
Wild Bausrao Red Stripe Form Appears
Wild Bausrao Blue Stripe Form Appears
Patrat VS Lillipup
Wild Purrloin Appears
Gigalith VS Haxorus - Haxorus uses Dragon Tail
Patrat VS Haxorus
Munna VS Galvantula - Unnerve is activated
Tepig VS Excadrill - Excadrill uses Drill Run
Blitzle VS Cofagrigus - Cofagrigus's Mummy ability activates
Wild Cofagrigus Appears
Victini uses Fire Platform
Snivy, Tepig & Oshawott VS Hiyappy, Pansear & Pansage - Pansear uses Burst Flame
Snivy, Tepig & Oshawott VS Hiyappy, Pansear & Pansage
Patrat VS Panpour - Panpour uses Scald
Emolga uses Eleci Ball
The Transfer Machine in Castelia City
Entering Lostlorn Forest
Raikou VS Zoroark
Selection Screen; Pignite, Pansage, Roggenrola, Lillipup, Raikou & Celebi
Snivy & Tepig VS Oshawott & Munna - Leaf Tornado & Fire Mixer Combine
Oshawott & Tepig VS Snivy & Patrat - Fire Mixer & Water Mixer Combine
Snivy & Oshawott VS Tepig & Minccino - Water Mixer & Leaf Tornado Combine
VS Aroe
VS Cress
VS Chili
VS Cilan
Cilan, Chili & Corn
The Wonder Card for the Liberty Pass