Multiplayer Avatars

Like the previous games, when you connect to other players over Wireless or WiFi, you don't appear as the in-game trainer but rather as a specific trainer class. In the previous games, these were changed by a character in-game and the trainer classes available were based upon your ID Number.

Black & White however, abolishes both the method of change and the restrictions of the trainer classes. Here, you can change your online avatar through your Trainer Card. Under your character's name will be the trainer class and you can cycle through them just by tapping the class on the screen.


The multiplayer avatar is used a bit more in Black & White as opposed to in the previous games. Not only do you see it in your Pal Pad and in the WiFi and Wireless Union Rooms but now you will see it over the C Gear when you connect to a variety of players. This can help you distinguish between the various players of the game.

Preschooler Youngster Ace Trainer Pokémon Ranger Pokémon Breeder Scientist Hiker Roughneck
Preschooler Lass Ace Trainer Pokémon Ranger Pokémon Breeder Scientist Parasol Lady Nurse