Like the Generation IV games, Black & White include a variety of Wi-Fi features, some old and some new. Outside of the standard battle and trades, this page will detail all the new WiFi features of the games.

Global Terminal

The Global Terminal makes a return within Black & White. However, rather than being in an isolated building in one city of Unova, the Global Terminal is now accessible through an area in the Pokémon Centres everywhere in Unova. The Global Terminal this time only has 2 features.

  • Random Match: The Random Match feature allows for players to battle with random players across the world without the need for friend codes or prior communication. This is then linked up with the Pokémon Global Link when you next Game Sync and rankings based on your performance are listed
  • GTS: The GTS makes its return here as well.In many ways, it runs similar to the GTS in the past games, with you entering Pokémon in and putting a wanted Pokémon. However, there is an added feature to the GTS.
  • GTS Negotiation: The GTS Negotiation feature essentially puts you in a live trade with a random person in the world. Here, like the normal trades, both you and your opponent can select up to three Pokémon, as does the person you're trading with. Both parties have the ability to express their approval or denial of the choices through the use of various emoticons Then, you can select the Pokémon you wish to have from your opponent's side, they'll select one from yours and if you both agree on the trade, the trade will take place. You can back out at any time
When you get the Vs. Recorder in Nimbasa City, two further options get added.
  • Musical Photo: Like the appeal in the Super Contests in Sinnoh, with the Pokémon Musical, you have the ability to take an image of your Pokémon during it. Here, you have the ability to share the photos you have as well as look for other photos
  • Battle Video: With the VS Recorder, you have the ability to save a recording of battles in the Battle Subway or over wireless & WiFi. Over the Global Terminal, you have the ability to upload your video for others to access through the unique code saved with the video, or to search for other videos
Global Link

In addition to this, you also have the ability to upload your save file to Nintendo's servers. With this, you can then access a site they'll have and play games on their site which will have effects on your game. >One of the new features within Pokémon Black & White is the Pokémon Global Link. This feature allows you to upload your save to the Internet to access a specific website in order to get features and Pokémon in your Black & White games. This is hooked up by using the WiFi option on the C Gear which will allow you to sync the game up with the Global Link website. With this, you can send Pokémon to the Dream World, receive Pokémon and items from the Dream World, send your Random Match statistics and receive new skins for your Pokédex and C Gear. Click here for more detals


You can also activate the Xtransceiver feature. Similar to how Diamond & Pearl brought Voice Chat, here you can have video chat with another friend over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. With this, as well as video chatting, you can also doodle and use stamps on the image of your friends.

Battle Rules

When you enter WiFi battles, you have the options of two sets of rules, either No Restrictions where anything goes, or Flat Rules. The Flat Rules are a set list of rules that the WiFi battles abide by. First, you will have to choose a battle type and in the Flat Rules, you are limited in the Pokémon you have to bring. This is dictated by the battle kind

Single Battle - Use 3 Pokémon
Double Battle - Use 4 Pokémon
Triple Battle - Use 6 Pokémon
Rotation Battle - Use 4 Pokémon

You also have the choice of having the Wonder Launcher on or off. In the Flat Rules, there are other limits that you must abide by;
Pokémon Level: All Pokémon above the level of 50 are reduced to 50 for the battle. Any Pokémon under Level 50 keep their level
Same Pokémon: You cannot have more than one Pokémon of the same species. This includes alternate forms such as with Wormadam and Rotom.
Same Items: You cannot have two of the same item being held by Pokémon within your team
Special Pokémon: The following Pokémon are not allowed to be used

No. Pic Name Type Abilities Base Stats
HP Att Def S.Att S.Def Spd
#150 Mewtwo
Unnerve PDW
106 110 90 154 90 130
#151 Mew
Synchronize 100 100 100 100 100 100
#249 Lugia
Multiscale PDW
106 90 130 90 154 110
#250 Ho-oh
Regenerator PDW
106 130 90 110 154 90
#251 Celebi
Natural Cure 100 100 100 100 100 100
#382 Kyogre
Drizzle 100 100 90 150 140 90
#383 Groudon
Drought 100 150 140 100 90 90
#384 Rayquaza
Air Lock 105 150 90 150 90 95
#385 Jirachi
Serene Grace 100 100 100 100 100 100
#386 Deoxys
Pressure 50 150 50 150 50 150
#483 Dialga
Telepathy PDW
100 120 120 150 100 90
#484 Palkia
Telepathy PDW
90 120 100 150 120 100
#487 Giratina
Telepathy PDW
150 100 120 100 120 90
#489 Phione
Hydration 80 80 80 80 80 80
#490 Manaphy
Hydration 100 100 100 100 100 100
#491 Darkrai
Bad Dreams 70 90 90 135 90 125
#492 Shaymin
Natural Cure 100 100 100 100 100 100
#493 Arceus
Multitype 120 120 120 120 120 120
#494 Victini
Victory Star 100 100 100 100 100 100
#643 Reshiram
Turboblaze 100 120 100 150 120 90
#644 Zekrom
Teravolt 100 150 120 120 100 90
#646 Kyurem
Pressure 125 130 90 130 90 95
#647 Keldeo
Justified 91 72 90 129 90 108
#648 Meloetta
Serene Grace 100 77 77 128 128 90
#649 Genesect
Download 71 120 95 120 95 99