Battle Mechanics

Pokémon Legends Arceus, like past main series games, features a variety of Pokémon battles, but now they work differently to prior games. This page details the new battle mechanics

Battle Changes

In Pokémon Legends Arceus, your Pokémon's stats determine how many actions your Pokémon take and in what order. This allows for Pokémon to attack multiple turns in a row and allow you to alter your plans, heal in the middle and so forth

The battles are started when you throw your Pokémon's PokéBall out in front of the opponent, this will cause the battle to start. If you catch the Pokémon unaware and hit them with the Poké Ball, you can startle them and get an extra turn.

Battle Image

Agile Style & Strong Style

As always, Pokémon remember 4 different moves at the same time. However, you can unleash moves in two different ways. Agile Style and Strong Style
Agile Style raises the Pokémon's speed which makes it move sooner but lose power
Strong Style lowers your action speed but increases the power

Battle Styles