Ginkgo Guild

Ginkgo Guild are a group of people who travel around the Hisui Region to provide sales of various items you will need through your travels. It is run by Ginter but you'll encounter others including Volo as you travel

The Guild will set up location at the Jubilife Village outside the Galaxy Hall with two different sellers.

Ginkgo Guild


Ginter is the head of the Ginkgo Guild and offers you various specials. He will offer you three items for a short time, with it changing after you have captured 20 Pokémon. These range from Evolution stones to sets of Poké Balls and other valuable items.

Most notably are rare mechanical items that he sells for 20,000 to 100,000. These items have fallen through time and are items that, when purchased, go into your lodgings and allow for you to change the form of the Pokémon Rotom:
Mechanical Box - Heat Rotom
Mechanical Cabinet - Frost Rotom
Mechanical Tub - Wash Rotom
Mechanical Pinwheel - Fan Rotom
Mechanical Circular Saw - Mow Rotom

Rotom Form

As of Version 1.1, he will also sometimes sell a customisation outfit; Unusual Shoes, which are some Slippers.

Ginkgo Guild


Tuli is the other Ginko Guild seller and offers a variety of materials that can be used for crafting. These materials are ones which are more plant based and can't be found in the Craftworks store.

Ginkgo Guild

List of items sold by the Ginkgo Guild

Ginkgo Guild
Oran Berry80
Sitrus Berry800
Leppa Berry800
Cheri Berry120
Pecha Berry120
Rawst Berry120
Aspear Berry120
Nanab Berry200
Hopo Berry300
Pinap Berry400
Razz Berry500
Medicinal Leek120
Pep-Up Plant160
King's Leaf1000
Iron Barktongue240
Doppel Bonnets480
Candy Truffle600
Sand Radish800
Ginter's Specials
Dusk Stone5000
Shiny Stone5000
Leaf Stone5000
Fire Stone5000
Dawn Stone5000
Sun Stone5000
Moon Stone5000
Water Stone5000
Thunder Stone5000
Ice Stone5000
Linking Cord5000
Razor Fang5000
Razor Claw5000
Oval Stone2000
Metal Coat5000
Reaper Cloth5000
Peat Block10000
Poke Ball
Great Ball
Ultra Ball
Heavy Ball
Leaden Ball
Gigaton Ball
Feather Ball
Wing Ball
Jet Ball
Max Revive
Stealth Spray
Mushroom Cake
Honey Cake
Grain Cake
Bean Cake
Salt Cake
Smoke Bomb
Scatter Bang
Sticky Glob
Nanab Berry
Hopo Berry
Pinap Berry
Razz Berry