Eternal Battle Reverie

After completing the Daybreak request, when you walk past your house you will get summoned in to your bed. When you go to sleep that night, you will get invited to the Eternal Battle Reverie. This is a non stop Battle situation where Arceus gives you three options to battle and the battle will continue until you lose

After you finished, you will get a number of items based on how well you've done including Exp. Candy, Grit Items, Nuggets, Seed of Mastery, Rare Candy and Star Pieces. If you reach 50 battles and defeat Arceus, you will get a mark on your save card



For each battle you complete, you will receive points with the number of points being dependent on the strength of the challenge. Simple type choices are 3 Points while more obscure ones are up to 12 points

Between each battle, you have the option to exchange the Points you have accrued for a variety of bonuses. Each time you use the recovery options, the value increases by increasing by a factor of 1 for each point required.

FeatureEffectBase Points
Change Lead PokémonAllows for you to switch the Pokémon that starts2 Points
Restore HPRestores a Pokémon's Hit Points to maximum10 Points (shared with PP)
Restore PPRestores all Pokémon's Power Points to maximum10 Points (shared with HP)
Choose different opponentsLets you reroll to new opponents10 Points
Inflict StatusInflicts Burn/Poison/Frostbite/Drowsy/Paralysis on your next opponent2 Points
Sacrifice HP for PointsReduces your HP by 50% but doubles the next points gained2 Points


The opponents are chosen at random from a pool based on the group you have selected, and range in level from Level 60 up to Level 100 depending on the category. Once you hit a 20 streak, you will face off against Level 100 opponents.

Once you reach a streak of 50, your opponent will be Arceus.

Eternal Battles

List of opponent categories

Normal-typeNormal-type Pokémon
Fire-typeFire-type Pokémon
Water-typeWater-type Pokémon
Electric-typeElectric-type Pokémon
Grass-typeGrass-type Pokémon
Ice-typeIce-type Pokémon
Fighting-typeFighting-type Pokémon
Poison-typePoison-type Pokémon
Ground-typeGround-type Pokémon
Flying-typeFlying-type Pokémon
Psychic-typePsychic-type Pokémon
Bug-typeBug-type Pokémon
Rock-typeRock-type Pokémon
Ghost-typeGhost-type Pokémon
Dragon-typeDragon-type Pokémon
Dark-typeDark-type Pokémon
Steel-typeSteel-type Pokémon
Fairy-typeFairy-type Pokémon
Strong offensePokémon with high Attack
Impressive speedPokémon with high Speed
Strong defensePokémon with high Defense
Male PokémonMale Pokémon
Female PokémonFemale Pokémon
Future beginningsTorterra, Empoleon or Infernape
Hisuian beginningsHisuian Decidueye, Hisuian Typhlosion or Hisuian Samurott
Little PokémonSmall Pokémon
Nocturnal PokémonPokémon that only appear at night
One-eyed PokémonPokémon with one eye
Large-bodied PokémonLarge Pokémon
Climbing clawsSneasler & Weavile
Mechanical PokémonHeat Rotom, Mow Rotom, Frost Rotom, Fan Rotom, Wash Rotom
Space and timeDialga & Palkia
Strange-shaped PokémonUnown
The banished PokémonGiratina
Pokémon of the lakesUxie, Mesprit, Azelf
Tropical snowAlolan Ninetales
Spear and shieldRampardos & Bastiodon
Scythe and axeScyther & Kleavor
The forbidden PokémonSpiritomb
The lunar PokémonCresselia
The might of SinnohArceus
Primordial chaosDialga & Palkia Origin Forme, Giratina Origin Forme
Incarnate PokémonTornadus, Thundurus, Landorus or Enamorus
Therian PokémonTornadus, Thundurus, Landorus or Enamorus

List of Rewards

At 30 wins, you will get 5 additional prizes. At 40 wins you will get 5 additional prizes at 50 wins you will get 10 additional prizes

Item1-9 Total Wins10-19 Total Wins20+ Total Wins
Exp. Candy M25%
Exp. Candy L25%
Exp. Candy XL20%
Grit Pebble25%25%20%
Grit Rock15%
Star Piece25%20%
Seed of Mastery25%15%10%
Rare Candy15%20%