Noble Pokémon

Noble Pokémon are special Pokémon within the region that have received a special blessing, many of which are some what powerful . As people of Hisui have a respect for Noble Pokémon, they have tasked wardens to protect the Pokémon by keeping territories safe and providing food offerings


Frenzied Noble Pokémon

During the story, Noble Pokémon get frenzied by various things. As part of the Survey Corps, you have to calm them down. However, these aren't simply calmed by a Pokémon battle but rather they require you to hit them with Balm made from their favourite food in addition to weakening them in a battle

When defeated in a battle, they're temporarily dazed allowing you to throw more balm at them

Battling Frenzied Noble Pokémon

List of Noble Pokémon

Lord of the Woods


Location: Obsidian Fieldlands
Warden: Lian

Kleavor can be found within the forests and requires Forest Balm to calm it

Noble Kleavor