Player Health

For the first time in a main series Pokémon game, the player can be attacked by Pokémon and as such, if you receive too much damage, you will black out and have to return to camp. If you black out, you will lose various items in your satchel and will return fully healed to the camp.

When you receive damage, you will start getting a black border around gameplay. When it turns red, you are in a critical state and will black out soon. You have a set amount of health, but that can be increased if youi have Survival Charms in your pack.

Charms in PackHealth

When you have 29 or less health remaining, you will get in a pinch with the border going red and will be notified by a noise.

When you're not being targeted down by an opposing Pokémon, you will recover 20 Health a second


Damage can be done through a variety of means. The most prominent is attacks from the opposing Pokémon with the damage varying depending on the Pokémon and the attack.

List of Damage Numbers

Damage MeansDamage
Opponent Attacks10-75
Fall from Small Height45
Fall from Medium Height55
Fall from Large Height70
Fall from Great Height1000
Poison6 damage per second
Burn3.75 damage per second
Sink in Water70

Some of the Pokémon moves can have special effects including Burn and Poison, as well as Drowsy, Paralysis and Confusion. These can be negated with the Warding Charms with each Charm reducing the effect more and more. Drowsy will have you fall asleep for a few seconds after being hit by it, leaving you unable to move. Paralysis will leave you unable to move for a short time and Confusion will invert your controls

After you have received damage, you will have a short period where you won't receive any further damage.