New Items

As with all new Pokémon games, Pokémon Legends: Arceus introduces a variety of new items. These items can be used for a variety of means including crafting and more .

List of New Items

Picture Name Effect
TumblestoneApricornAn item used for crafting.
TumblestoneBlack TumblestoneAn item used for crafting.
BugwortBugwortA wildflower that can be found growing across the Hisui region. It does have medicinal properties, but it is so bitter that no wild Pokémon will eat it
Caster FernCaster FernAn item used for crafting.
Smoke BombForest BalmAn item used to help weaken frenzied Pokémon in Grandtree Arena
Medicinal LeekMedicinal LeekAn item used for crafting.
Smoke BombSmoke BombWhen thrown at the ground, these balls produce a cloud of fine powder that will reduce visibility in the area and kep wild Pokémon from noticing you
Sootfoot RootSootfoot RootAn item used for crafting.
Substitute Charm 1Substitute Charm 1A strange charm that will disappear in place of another item for some reason when fainting. One of 5 colors.
SwordcapSwordcapMushrooms that, when cosumed, cause the muscles to swell. They imbue the eater with strength and are one of the materials needed for crafting Aux Powers
TumblestoneTumblestoneAn item used for crafting.
VivichokeVivichokeAlso called a morning-dew bud. It is used as a material for crafting items that can restore vitality to a Pokémon that has fainted