At Home under the Eaves

Unlock Criteria: Catch a Chimecho and after you get Braviary as a ride Pokémon

Description: It seems that a wild Chimecho has made itself at home under the eaves of one of the village houses. Talk to a villager named Ida to find out more.

Ida will contact yuou and askyou for help about a Chimecho that has decided to live under the eaves of her house. She is uncomfortable living so close to a Pokémon so has asked for you to check other homes to see if it fits.

The first home is a farmer's house by the fields, which Chimecho doesn't like due to the wind. The second house is the hut in Prelude Beach but Chimecho doesn't like it as there's nobody around. The next one is by the Training Ground. Chimecho likes it at first but gets scared from seeing the battles. After that, Chimecho's next stop is the house next door to Ida, which Chimecho is sad about. Ida then appears and changes her mind and wants it to stay with her

At Home under the Eaves


Item Rewards

Picture Name Description Description
Rare Candy Rare Candy 1
Sun Stone Sun Stone 1