Gone Astray...in the Icelands

Unlock Criteria: Complete Request 77 and defeat Avalugg

Description: Wanda of the Security Corps wants you to find her brother, the villager Zeke, who went looking for her in the Alabaster Icelands.

Zeke will once again ask for your help to find Wanda, except this time he decides to go with you and leaves for the Alabaster Icelands. However, Wanda soon comes downstairs and is shocked that Zeke has run off. Wanda asks for you to go find him. Once again you can use Ursaluna to find Zeke using his scent to follow the blue semicircle. You can find him near the Arena's Approach having fallen into an icy cave but before you can rescue him, an Alpha Glalie comes and attacks. Defeat it or catch it to then rescue Zeke as Wanda appears to thank you, and gives you an Ice stone

Gone Astray...in the Icelands


Item Rewards

Picture Name Description Description
Star Piece Star Piece 5
Peat Block Peat Block 1