#245 Suicune
7th Gen Dex

Gender Nickname Ability Trainers
N/A N/A Pressure Misty, Crystal
Attacks Aurora Beam, BubbleBeam, Gust, Hydro Pump, Mirror Coat, Mist, Rain Dance
Suicune was resurrected from Ho-oh’s powers 150 years ago after it perished in a fire at the Burnt Tower. It became Ho-oh’s follower since then, and while trying to protect its master, it was once sealed into the ice mirrors of Mask of Ice along with Entei and Raikou. Later, Yellow freed them and the three started roaming the land in search of worthy trainers to battle along with. Suicune challenged the most number of trainers, and eventually partnered with Misty to fight Lugia and Ho-oh at the Pokemon League. It then assisted Crystal in chasing Mask of Ice into the voids of time. It disappeared into the lands afterwards.
# Chapter Notes
117 VS. Slugma No physical appearance
122 VS. Qwilfish
123 VS. Dragonair
124 VS. Skarmory
125 VS. Misdreavus
126 VS. Jumpluff Flashback
128 VS. Ditto
129 VS. Girafarig Imagination
130 VS. Suicune (Part 1)
131 VS. Suicune (Part 2)
132 VS. Suicune (Part 3)
133 VS. Azumarill Flashback
134 VS. Heracross
135 VS. Larvitar
136 VS. Crobat
137 VS. Raikou & Entei (Part 1)
138 VS. Raikou & Entei (Part 2)
141 VS. Lickitung Flashback
144 VS. Swinub Flashback
150 VS. Chinchou
151 VS. Lanturn
152 VS. Butterfree Flashback
169 The Last Battle III
170 The Last Battle IV
171 The Last Battle V
178 The Last Battle XII
179 The Last Battle XIII
180 The Last Battle XIV
448 VS Parasect Flashback
450 VS Hitmonchan Flashback
460 VS Arceus IX

Transformations, Illusions and Others

Neo Team Rocket's Ditto transformed into Suicune at the MooMoo Farm
# Chapter Notes
127 VS. Miltank

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