As with all new Pokémon generations, Pokémon Sun & Moon is set in a whole brand new region. This page will provide details on the region

The Alola Region

The Alola Region is an island region in the games. Inside it, there are many mountains, caves and large cities. In this region, there are four main islands, and one artificial island. Each of the main islands has its own unique features and, in turn, has its own Regional Pokédex


Melemele Island

English Name: Melemele Island
Japanese Name: Melemele Island (メレメレじま)

Guardian: Tapu Koko
Regional Pokédex: TBC

Melemele Island is the island that the game starts on. It houses several cities and villages and many characters including Hala, Hau, Lillie and Professor Kukui. Its guardian protector is Tapu Koko and the indigenous inhabitants of the island often hold a festival for Tapu Koko