Poké Finder

The Poké Finder is a new feature introduced in Pokémon Sun & Moon that works in a similar way to the Nintendo 64 Classic, Pokémon Snap. In various spots in the game, you'll be able to take pictures of wild Pokémon in various locations that you look out to with your Rotom Pokédex. This feature is unlocked when you get to the Hau'oli City Tourist Center

The mode is quite simple, with Pokémon appearing in the area, often running/flying around, and requiring you to follow them around in order to get a picture. Sometimes, the Pokémon will stop or laugh, or make something posable which will create a better picture. Other times, the Pokémon will just be still and show you their back.

The Poké Finder can be controlled either with the 3DS's Gyroscope, or using the 3DS Circle Pad and you can save your favourite photo from each session onto your SD Card to share on other formats and social media.

Poké Finder Analysis

When you have the photo taken, then you can get it analysed. This will put it through a comment system where various anonymous NPCs will comment om the photo, sometimes relevant comments about the Pokémon such as it possibly "Cursing" you, or "7.8 Too Much Water", or other times it mirrors the Internet and gives nonsensical nonsense irrelevant to the photo such as asking for lunch

After this irrelevant exchange, you will then get points by Rotom. These points are higher depending on how rare the Pokémon is, how close you are to the Pokémon, the position of the Pokémon, their pose and so forth. The better each of these, the more points you will receive.

Poké Finder Version

The points aren't just a useless feature for bragging right, but are in fact used in order to improve the version of the Poké Finder. The more points you get, the better the version of Poké Finder which allows for you to get better pictures and a better score.

Version No.Points RequiredUnlocked Feature
Ver. 10 PointsStandard Features
Ver. 21,500 PointsZoom
Ver. 310,000 PointsEnhanced Zoom
Ver. 4100,000 PointsMax Zoom
Ver. 51,500,000 PointsAbility to call Pokémon to you for better photos
Stamp in Trainer Passport

Poké Finder Locations

LocationLocation PicturePhoto AreaKnown Pokémon
Melemele Island
Hau'oli Cemetery Hau'oli Cemetery Hau'oli Cemetery Pikipek (Day)
Gastly (Night)
Zubat (Night)
Hau'oli City - Beachfront Hau'oli City Hau'oli City Pelipper
Drifloon (Day - Rare)
Hau'oli City - Shopping District Hau'oli City Hau'oli City Pikachu
Rockruff (Day)
Meowth (night)
Kala'e Bay Kala'e Bay Kala'e Bay Corsola
Melemele Meadow Melemele Meadow Melemele Meadow Cutiefly
Akala Island
Brooklet Hill V Brooklet Hill Poliwag
Politoed (Rare)
Dewpider (Day)
Surskit (Night)
Lush Jungle Lush Jungle Lush Jungle Paras (day)
Morelull (Night)
Bounsweet (Day)
Fomantis (Night)
Goodra (Rare)
Paniola Ranch Paniola Ranch Paniola Ranch Eevee
Espeon (Day)
Umbreon (Night)
Route 8 Route 8 Route 8 Yungoos (Day)
Rattata (Night)
Royal Avenue Royal Avenue Royal Avenue Butterfree (Day)
Oricorio (Night)
Wela Volcano Park Wela Volcano Park Wela Volcano Park Fletchling
Talonflame (Rare - Day)
Ula'ula Island
Blush Mountain Blush Mountain Blush Mountain Elekid
Porygon-Z (Rare)
Mount Hokulani Mount Hokulani Mount Hokulani Beldum
Clefairy (Night)
Clefable (Night)
Magnezone (Rare - Night)
Mount Lanakila Mount Lanakila Mount Lanakila Vanillite
Absol (Day)
Sneasel (Night)
Froslass (Rare - Night)
Route 13 Mount Lanakila Mount Lanakila Sandile
Flygon (Rare)
Thrifty Megamart Abandoned Site Thrifty Megamart Thrifty Megamart Gastly
Ula'ula Meadow Ula'ula Meadow Ula'ula Meadow Ledian (Day)
Ariados (Night)
Poni Island
Poni Coast Poni Coast Poni Coast Bewear
Poni Meadow Poni Meadow Poni Meadow Oricorio (Night)
Dragonite (Rare)
Vast Poni Canyon Vast Poni Canyon Vast Poni Canyon Gigalith
Lucario (Rare)