As with all games that begin a generation, there's a variety of new game mechanics introduced, as well as a variety of mechanics that have been altered in various ways. This page is to provide a list of new and updated mechanics, providing links for further information where necessary

New Mechanics

  • Z Moves are a new mechanic where moves can be powered up and turned into different moves. Status moves also have a Z-Move Variant
  • Male Parents can now pass their Poké Ball when breeding with a Ditto
  • S.O.S. Battles to allow for Shiny Hunting, EV Training and finding new Pokémon.
  • Ability to add Pokémon to your party immediately after capture, even if your party is full.
  • Ability to heal your Pokémon of status conditions without items using Pokémon Refresh
  • Ability to improve the IVs of your Pokémon superficially through Hyper Training
  • Many Pokémon now have a "Level 0" move, that they are guaranteed to learn upon evolution.

Altered Mechanics

  • Alters to Status Conditions
    • Burn: Now, Burn only removes 1/16th of the Pokémon's maximum Hit Points rather than 1/8th
    • Paralysis: Speed drop from Paralysis has been altered to be 50% instead of 33%
  • Turn order has been altered when Mega Evolving. Turn order now factors in the Pokémon's Speed stat and/or ability after Mega Evolving
  • Many Pokémon's stats have been altered
  • Many Moves have been altered
  • Many abilities have been reworked