Like previous games, Pokémon Sun & Moon include a few ways to customise your game in addition to the customisation of your Pokémon and your own personal character. Like before, Pokémon Sun & Moon allows for you to change the wallpaper of each box in the PC, but it unfortunately lacks any form of Special backgrounds that have been commonplace in previous games.

Box Backgrounds

Picture Category Name Unlock Method
BoxScenery 1ForestBeginning
BoxScenery 1CityBeginning
BoxScenery 1DesertBeginning
BoxScenery 1SavannahBeginning
BoxScenery 2CragBeginning
BoxScenery 2VolcanoBeginning
BoxScenery 2SnowBeginning
BoxScenery 2CaveBeginning
BoxScenery 3BeachBeginning
BoxScenery 3SeafloorBeginning
BoxScenery 3RiverBeginning
BoxScenery 3SkyBeginning
BoxMiscPoké CenterBeginning