Location: Route 16

Getting Zygarde is one of the most unique, and cumbersome, ways to get a Legendary Pokémon. To get it, you need to collect Zygarde Cells within the Zygarde Cube and take them to the special caravan in Route 16. These cells will depend on what you can do. Until you have collected all the cells, you'll be able to create Zygarde at the Zygarde Restoration Center. This allows for you to put together a Zygarde. If you have 10 cells, it will create a 10% Forme Zygarde, and if you have 50 it will create a 50% Zygarde. These have Aura Break. These Pokémon can then be used to assemble or separate the Zygarde. If you separate Zygarde, the Pokémon will be lost entirely, but can be rebuilt just with different IVs and no EVs. The level increases with the progression in your game.

After you have collected all 100 cells, you'll be able to combine them more solidly into a Zygarde with the Power Construct ability. This will then allow it to change between 10% and 50% Forme using the Zygarde Cube, and turn into Complete Forme in battle. This Zygarde cannot be separated

Do note that if you trade away or release any Zygarde created, you will lose the cells forever.

Zygarde Cores

The Zygarde Cores are the main elements of the Zygarde. There are five different cores to find across the Alola Region and they are signified by a red sparkle. The difference between Cores and Cells is that for each Core you get, you can teach Zygarde a special new move.

List of Zygarde Core Locations

PictureIslandLocationMove Taught
Zygarde Core Melemele Island Route 1 Extreme Speed
Zygarde Core Melemele Island Iki Town Thousand Arrows
Zygarde Core Akala Island Konikoni City Dragon Dance
Zygarde Core Ula'ula Island Route 17 Thousand Waves
Zygarde Core Poni Island Ancient Poni Path Core Enforcer

Zygarde Cells

The Zygarde Cells are the main element of Zygarde. As you collect more cells, you can create more Zygarde, separate them and reassemble them into the 10% or 50% Formes until you have all 100 cells when you can create a Zygarde with the ability Power Construct.

There are 95 cells across Alola, adding up to 100 elements of Zygarde to find. There are 14 on Melemele Island, 18 on Akala Island, 30 on Ula'ula Island, 28 on Poni Island and 5 on the Aether Foundation. Some cells only appear in the day and some cells only appear in the dark

List of Zygarde Cell Locations

Melemele Island - Total: 14
Zygarde CellRoute 1Day
Zygarde CellRoute 1Day
Zygarde CellRoute 1 - Outskirts
Zygarde CellRoute 1 - Trainer SchoolNight
Zygarde CellRoute 2
Zygarde CellRoute 3Day
Zygarde CellRoute 3
Zygarde CellHau'oli Cemetery
Zygarde CellHau'oli City - Shopping DistrictNight
Zygarde CellHau'oli City - Shopping District
Zygarde CellIki TownNight
Zygarde CellKala'e Bay
Zygarde CellRuins of Conflict - Outside
Zygarde CellVerdant Cavern - Trial Site
Akala Island - Total: 18
Zygarde CellRoute 4
Zygarde CellRoute 5
Zygarde CellRoute 7
Zygarde CellRoute 8
Zygarde CellRoute 8Day
Zygarde CellAkala Outskirts
Zygarde CellDiglett's Tunnel
Zygarde CellHano BeachDay
Zygarde CellHano Beach
Zygarde CellHeahea CityNight
Zygarde CellHeahea City
Zygarde CellKonikoni CityNight
Zygarde CellLush Jungle - Cave
Zygarde CellPaniola RanchDay
Zygarde CellPaniola RanchNight
Zygarde CellRoyal AvenueNight
Zygarde CellRoyal AvenueDay
Zygarde CellWela Volcano Park - Top
Ula'ula Island - Total: 30
Zygarde CellRoute 10Day
Zygarde CellRoute 11Night
Zygarde CellRoute 12
Zygarde CellRoute 12
Zygarde CellRoute 13
Zygarde CellRoute 13Night
Zygarde CellRoute 14
Zygarde CellRoute 14Night
Zygarde CellRoute 15
Zygarde CellRoute 16Day
Zygarde CellRoute 17
Zygarde CellRoute 17
Zygarde CellAether HouseDay
Zygarde CellBlush Mountain
Zygarde CellHaina Desert
Zygarde CellHokulani ObservatoryNight
Zygarde CellMalie City - Outer CapeDay
Zygarde CellMalie CityDay
Zygarde CellMalie CityNight
Zygarde CellMalie Garden
Zygarde CellMount Lanakila - High Mountainside
Zygarde CellMount Lanakila - Mountainside
Zygarde CellPo TownDay
Zygarde CellPo TownNight
Zygarde CellRuins of Abundance - Outside
Zygarde CellSecluded ShoreDay
Zygarde CellSecluded ShoreNight
Zygarde CellTapu Village
Zygarde CellUla'ula Meadow
Zygarde CellUla'ula Meadow
Poni Island - Total: 28
Zygarde CellAncient Poni PathDay
Zygarde CellAncient Poni PathDay
Zygarde CellAncient Poni PathNight
Zygarde CellPoni Breaker CoastDay
Zygarde CellPoni Breaker CoastNight
Zygarde CellPoni Coast
Zygarde CellPoni Coast
Zygarde CellPoni Gauntlet
Zygarde CellPoni Gauntlet
Zygarde CellPoni Grove
Zygarde CellPoni Grove
Zygarde CellPoni Meadow
Zygarde CellPoni PlainsDay
Zygarde CellPoni Plains
Zygarde CellPoni PlainsNight
Zygarde CellPoni Wilds
Zygarde CellPoni WildsDay
Zygarde CellPoni WildsNight
Zygarde CellResolution Cave - 1FDay
Zygarde CellResolution Cave - B1F
Zygarde CellResolution Cave - B1FNight
Zygarde CellRuins of Hope
Zygarde CellSeafolk Village
Zygarde CellSeafolk Village
Zygarde CellVast Poni Canyon - 2F
Zygarde CellVast Poni Canyon - 3F
Zygarde CellVast Poni Canyon - Inside
Zygarde CellVast Poni Canyon - Top
Aether Foundation - Total: 5
Zygarde CellAether Paradise - Hallway
Zygarde CellAether Paradise - Outside
Zygarde CellAether Paradise - OutsideDay
Zygarde CellAether Paradise - Main Building
Zygarde CellAether Paradise - EntranceNight