New Pokémon Forms

Like all Pokémon games, Pokémon Sun & Moon introduces many new Pokémon and with these Pokémon come various forms of the Pokémon. Some interchangeable and some not. This does not factor in the brand new Regional Variant Alolan Forms

#741 Oricorio

Oricorio's form change is a rather simple one. Its form is mostly just dependant upon which island of the Alola Region it is caught on. This affects its type, as well as the type of its move Revelation Dance. However, these forms can be changed by using the special Nectar items that are found in each island. Simply give Oricorio the nectar and its form will change.

Pom-Pom Style Baile Style P'au Style Sensu Style Form
Pom-Pom Baile P'au Sensu
Electric Flying Electric Flying Electric Flying Electric Flying
Melemele Island

Yellow Nectar
Ula'ula Island

Red Nectar
Akala Island

Pink Nectar
Poni Island

Purple Nectar
#745 Lycanroc

This form is a rather unique form in that it cannot be changed under any circumstance. Lycanroc's form is dependant upon what game you are playing on when you evolve your Rockruff. If you're playing on Sun, it'll be in the Midday Form and if you're playing on Moon, it'll be in the Midnight Form. Each form has a different learnset, stat spread and abilities.

Midday Form Midnight Form
Midday Form Midnight Form
Base Stats
HP: 75
Attack: 115
Defense: 65
Sp. Attack: 55
Sp. Defense: 65
Speed: 112
Base Stats
HP: 85
Attack: 115
Defense: 75
Sp. Attack: 55
Sp. Defense: 75
Speed: 82

Despite this, these Pokémon aren't version exclusive. You can find the other form in the wild during the corresponding time of day in Vast Poni Canyon.

#746 Wishiwashi

Wishiwashi is one of the more unique Pokémon in Sun & Moon. This Pokémon as standard has the lowest Base Stat total in the game but its ability, Schooling allows for it to change form. When it is over Level 20 and has over 25% of health, it will change form into its massive and powerful School Form. If its health drops below 25%, it changes form back to Solo Form. If its health goes back to over 25% then it will go back to School Form

Solo Form School Form
Solo Form School Form
Base Stats
HP: 45
Attack: 20
Defense: 20
Sp. Attack: 25
Sp. Defense: 25
Speed: 40
Base Stats
HP: 45
Attack: 140
Defense: 130
Sp. Attack: 140
Sp. Defense: 135
Speed: 30
#773 Silvally

Silvally is a unique Pokémon that was created to defeat the Ultra Beasts. As it is based on Arceus, it has the unique RKS System ability which changes its type, as well as the type of its move Multi-Attack. This is done by attaching the unique Memory items.

Type: NormalType: BugType: DarkType: DragonType: ElectricType: Fairy
No Item
Bug Memory

Dark Memory

Dragon Memory

Electric Memory

Fairy Memory
Type: FightingType: FireType: FlyingType: GhostType: GrassType: Ground

Fighting Memory

Fire Memory

Flying Memory

Ghost Memory

Grass Memory

Ground Memory
Type: IceType: PoisonType: PsychicType: RockType: SteelType: Water

Ice Memory

Poison Memory

Psychic Memory

Rock Memory

Steel Memory

Water Memory
#774 Minior

Minior is another Pokémon with a form change based on Hit Points. When sent into battle, Minior will bring its shell up over itself which protects it from status conditions, but when its Hit Points drop below 50%, its Shields Down ability is activated and it switches to its Core Form. This switches the Defense and Attack base stats, and also doubles its Speed. Its capture rate while in Core form is also much higher than when it is protected

Meteorite Form Core
Meteorite Form Core
Base Stats
HP: 60
Attack: 60
Defense: 100
Sp. Attack: 60
Sp. Defense: 100
Speed: 60
Base Stats
HP: 60
Attack: 100
Defense: 60
Sp. Attack: 100
Sp. Defense: 60
Speed: 120

There are also multiple colours for each form. This is decided randomly when you capture the core and cannot be changed.

Blue CoreGreen CoreIndigo CoreOrange CoreRed CoreViolet CoreYellow Core
#658 Greninja

Greninja also has a brand new form, one that ties in with the Pokémon anime. Using the demo, you can obtain a special Greninja with the Battle Bond ability. When Greninja manages to defeat an enemy in battle, the ability will activate and turn Greninja into Ash-Greninja for the rest of the match. It cannot be bred.

Greninja Ash-Greninja
Greninja Ash-Greninja
Base Stats
HP: 72
Attack: 95
Defense: 67
Sp. Attack: 103
Sp. Defense: 71
Speed: 122
Base Stats
HP: 72
Attack: 145
Defense: 67
Sp. Attack: 153
Sp. Defense: 71
Speed: 132
#718 Zygarde

Zygarde has a rather unique form change. First, you need to collect Zygarde Cells & Cores from around the Alola Region. When you have collected 10 or 50 of them, go to the building in Route 16 where you can assemble a Zygarde. You'll assemble them based on the amount of cells you have collected. This is where you need to change the form.

If you have collected all 100 Cells & Cores, you can then create a special Zygarde with the Power Construct ability. This Zygarde cannot be separated and has its form changed between 10 and 50% Formes using the Zygarde Cube item. When these form's health drops below 50%, they will change form into the powerful Complete Forme for the duration of the battle..

10% Forme 50% Forme Complete Forme
10% Forme 50% Forme Complete Forme
Base Stats
HP: 54
Attack: 100
Defense: 71
Sp. Attack: 61
Sp. Defense: 85
Speed: 115
Base Stats
HP: 108
Attack: 100
Defense: 121
Sp. Attack: 81
Sp. Defense: 95
Speed: 95
Base Stats
HP: 216
Attack: 100
Defense: 121
Sp. Attack: 91
Sp. Defense: 95
Speed: 85

Existing Pokémon Forms

As the Pokémon games have progressed, many Pokémon have gained forms and in doing so, they need you to get a special item or go to a special location in order to be able to change the form

#386 Deoxys

Location: Hokulani Observatory

Deoxys was introduced in Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire and given forms soon afterwards. To change the form, you need to interact with a special meteorite. In Sun & Moon, this meteorite can be found inside Hokulani Observatory, next to Sophocles. Just take Deoxys there and you'll be given the option to change form.

#479 Rotom

Location: Route 1

Rotom has got multiple different forms, all of which have Rotom possess some appliances. To get these applicances in Pokémon Sun & Moon, you need to go to Professor Kukui's Laboratory in Route 1 and go to the basement. Interact with the pile of boxes with Rotom in your party and you'll be able to change form.

#492 Shaymin

Location: Hau'oli City

Shaymin gained its Sky Forme in Pokémon Platinum and to change the form, you need to use the Gracidea flower. In Hau'oli City Mall, there's a shop also called the Gracidea, based on Shaymin and when you speak to the receptionist there, she will give you a Gracidea as a thank you for coming to the store

#676 Furfrou

Location: Malie City

Furfrou is a Pokémon with many different trims. These trims give it a special look that reverts when it goes back in the box. To get your Furfrou trimmed, go to the Salon in Malie City and talk to the punk girl


Location: Aether Paradise

After defeating the Aether Foundation, when you return to Secret Lab A, speak to the employee in the lab and she will give you a few items. These items will help in the changing of various forms

  • Prison Bottle - Changes Hoopa's form
  • DNA Splicers - Change Kyurem's form