Battle Style

A new feature in Pokémon Sun & Moon is the inclusion of Battle Styles. This allows for you to change the image of your trainer as you enter a battle, as well as the manner in which they throw the Poké Balls. There are eight different Battle Styles and they can all be changed at will by speaking to an old man in Malie City's Outer Cape

The eight styles are unlocked through various different means such as defeating certain trainers or even getting through various challenges.

Battle Style List

PictureNameUnlock Method
Battle Style Normal Style Inital
Battle Style Elegant Style Straight away in Malie City Outer Cape
Battle Style Girlish Style Defeat Lana in battle in Konikoni City
Battle Style Reverent Style Defeat Kiawe in battle in Paniola Town (Sun)
Defeat Mallow in battle in Lush Jungle (Moon)
Battle Style Smug Style Defeat Gladion before the Elite Four
Battle Style Left-Handed Style Defeat Ilima in battle in Hau'oli City
Battle Style Passionate Style Get a Battle Tree streak of 50 or higher
Battle Style Idol Style Defeat Master Rank in the Battle Royal