Post-Battle Items

In the game, there are many instances where Pokémon will ambush you through dust clouds, falling from trees, or flying overhead. Sometimes, after the battle, an item will appear which requires picking up. These items are often either very valuable and can be sold at a high price, or is a battle item such as Sharp Beak, or even special wings that can boost your Effort Values.

The appearance of these are random, so you can exit the area and try again in order to collect the item.

List of areas

Picture Name Locations / Pokémon Items
Photo Flying Pokémon
Both Flying and through trees
Route 3 - Spearow/Rufflet/Vullaby Pretty Wing Sharp Beak
Poni Plains - Braviary/Mandibuzz Muscle Wing Genius Wing
Route 10, Route 17 - Skarmory Clever Wing Resist Wing
Route 17, Poni Plains - Fearow Health Wing Swift Wing
Photo Sand Spots Hano Beach Stardust Star Piece Comet Shard
Photo Sand Spots Hano Beach - Sandygast Spell Tag
Photo Sand Spots Haina Desert Black Glasses Soft Sand
Photo Dust Spots Diglett's Tunnel, Poni Coast, Vast Poni Canyon, Verdant Cavern Big Root Soft Sand
Photo Rocks (Riding Tauros) Route 1, Route 2, Route 3, Route 6, Route 17, Diglett's Tunnel, Lush Jungle, Poni Coast, Poni Plains, Resolution Cave, Seaward Cave, Ten Carat Hill, Vast Poni Canyon, Verdant Cavern Stardust Star Piece Comet Shard
Shaking Grass Poni Plains - Hariyama Soft Sand Soft Sand
Shaking Trees Lush Jungle - Fomantis Soft Sand
Shaking Water Hano Beach - Tentacool Poison Barb
Photo Water Rocks (Riding Sharpedo) Route 8, Route 15, Melemele Sea, Vast Poni Canyon Stardust Star Piece Comet Shard
Catching Wimpod Route 8, Poni Breaker Coast, Poni Wilds Big Pearl Nugget