Following on from the Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire demo, a special demo was released for Pokémon Sun & Moon

Demo Details

The Pokémon Sun & Moon Special Demo Version is set briefly in Hau'oli City. This demo has you get given a Greninja and explore around the Hau'oli City and nearby viscinity to complete various tasks. The first time you play, you have to face off against Team Skull and enter a trial. This trial has you have to take photos of two Jangmo-o and two Hakamo-o, and then face the Totem Hakamo-o in battle

The Greninja you have is one given by a mysterious trainer, who turns out to be Ash, and is able to transform into Ash-Greninja thanks to its ability, Battle Bond..

Demo Details

After completion of the demo, you then have free reign to explore the city and nearby areas as well as the ability to use the Ride Pager to summon the Tauros PokéRide. In the Ten Carat Hill, there's a special challenge for you to capture as many Pokémon as you can. If you do well, you will receive a Nugget. In the city, you will find a person who will send you to Mahalo Trail to break rocks to receive some Stardust

There are also many events that require you to replay the demo on particular days, notably 1, 5, 12, 18 and 24 days after you start.

  • 1 Day After Start - Speak to the man next to the Pokémon Center. He will give you 10 Pretty Wings
  • 5 Days After Start - Speak to the girl in the southwest of Hau'oliCity. She will introduced you to a character that helped her when she injured her ankle
  • 12 Days After Start - Speak to a man in the City Hall. It is his Pikachu's birthday
  • 18 Days After Start - Speak to the Police Officer in the Marina of Hau'oli City. He will request your help in apprehending some people.
  • 24 Days After Start - A girl in the port in the Marina of Hau'oli City is leaving Alola and needs support.
Pokémon Link

This demo is rather unique in that it will allow you to transfer aspects of the demo to the main Pokémon Sun & Moon games once purchased. This is done through the Pokémon Link feature of the games.

Ash-Greninja1 Adventure
NuggetClear the Pokémon Capture Challenge
StardustClear all rocks in Mahalo Trail
Star PieceDefeat all trainers in Ten Carat Hill
10 Pretty WingsSpeak to man by Pokémon Center 1 day after initial play
1 Balm MushroomSpeak to man by Pokémon Center 12 days after initial play
1 Comet ShardSpeak to girl in dock 24 days after initial play

The Greninja you get in the start of the demo is always set with specific nature and details and this Greninja can then be sent over to Pokémon Sun & Moon.

Level 36
Ability:Battle Bond
Hold Item:
No Item
Hardy Nature.
October 17 2013
Kalos Region. Apparently had a fateful encounter at Lv. 5
Water Shuriken
Aerial Ace
Double Team
Night Slash
Special Occurrances

In addition to the timed events that happen after a certain amount of days, there are some instances that appear at random or on very specific days. These random events don't add much but do act as enticing lures to the release of Pokémon Sun & Moon

  • Lillie - On Fridays, you will find Lillie looking out at the sea near the Pokémon Center. She will speak to the Pokémon in her bag saying that she wishes she could share the view with it. She notices you and then walks off.
    • Mother - On Tuesdays, you will find the player's mother exiting out of a shop.
    • Alolan Dugtrio - In Ten Carat Hill, some days you will find a girl on the beach. Speak to her and she will enhance your PokéFinder and tell you about a Pokémon she's looking at. Zoom in and it's Alolan Dugtrio.
    • Dexio & Sina - Sometimes, you will find Professor Sycamore's assistants Dexio & Sina in the Pokémon Center. They will explain about how they are on a vacation.
    • Hau - On Sundays when the game is in night, you will find Hau in the Masalada Restaurant.