Like all previous games which were a start of a new Generation, Pokémon X & Y introduce new and alternative methods for evolving many Pokémon. These evolutionary methods both enhance upon and even duplicate previous methods.

Level Up & More

Previously being included with several past instances such as Mantyke into Mantine, there are several new level up Pokémon methods. These involve the Pokémon being at a certain level and then you having to do a specific thing in order to evolve it.

Base No. Pic Base Name Method Final No. Pic Final Name
#674 Pancham Level 32 with a Dark-type in your party #675 Pangoro
#686 Inkay Level 30, rotate the 3DS upside-down upon level up #687 Malamar
#696 Tyrunt Level 39 at Daytime #697 Tyrantrum
#698 Amaura Level 39 at Night #699 Aurorus
#133 Eevee Level up having taught it a Fairy-type move + 2 Heart bond in Pokémon Amie #700 Sylveon
#705 Sliggoo Level 50 when raining #706 Goodra

Trade with Items

Although having to trade Pokémon holding items is nothing new, Pokémon X & Y introduce new items to evolve various Pokémon.

Base No. Pic Base Name Method Final No. Pic Final Name
#682 Spritzee Trade with Sachet Attached #683 Aromatisse
#684 Swirlix Trade with Whipped Dream Attached #685 Slurpuff