Rock Smash | Trash Cans
Rock Smash

Locations: Route 8, Route 12, Route 13, Route 18, Ambrette Town, Cyllage City, Azure Bay, Reflection Cave, Terminus Cave, Victory Road

Rock Smash makes a return in Pokémon X & Y. Like previous games, there are various rocks dotted across the region, all of which can be smash using the move Rock Smash which can be obtained in Ambrette Town.

When you use the move Rock Smash, there is a chance that you can find an item, or that a Pokémon will attack. Many of the Pokémon found here can only be found via this method, with the items and Pokémon varying depending upon the area. The rocks will respawn as you exit and re-enter the area.

Pokémon Listings

Location Pokémon
Route 8
Route 12
Ambrette Town
Azure Bay
Dwebble Binacle
Cyllage City X Dwebble Onix
Y Dwebble Binacle
Route 13 Graveler Slugma
Route 18
Terminus Cave
Victory Road
Graveler Shuckle

Item Listings

Kalos Glittering Cave
Picture Item Name Picture Item Name
Big Pearl Armor Fossil
After Elite Four
Ether Claw Fossil
After Elite Four - X Only
Hard Stone Cover Fossil
After Elite Four
Heart Scale Dome Fossil
After Elite Four - Y Only
Max Ether Helix Fossil
After Elite Four - Y Only
Max Revive Old Amber
Pearl Plume Fossil
After Elite Four
Revive Root Fossil
After Elite Four - X Only
Soft Sand Skull Fossil
After Elite Four
Star Piece    

Trash Cans

Locations: Lost Hotel, Pokémon Village

A new bit, located within two areas of Kalos, are the special trash cans. Unlike normal bigs, these bins have the ability of giving various Pokémon and Items, akin to that of Rock Smash, just without the need for a move. If they are shaking, then you can open them to retrieve the Pokémon

The unique feature about these bins is that the items and Pokémon they can output changes on one specific day each week, Tuesday in Lost Hotel and Thursday in Pokémon Village.

Pokémon Listings

Location Pokémon
Lost Hotel All Week Trubbish Garbodor
Tuesday Rotom Rotom Rotom Rotom Rotom Rotom
Pokémon Village All Week Garbodor
Thursday Banette

Item Listings

Lost Hotel
All Week Tuesday
Picture Item Name Picture Item Name
Dusk Ball Escape Rope
Escape Rope Max Repel
Super Repel Nugget
HP Up Calcium
Iron Carbos
Protein Zinc
Max Elixir Big Nugget
Pokémon Village
All Week Thursday
Picture Item Name Picture Item Name
Honey Big Mushroom
Pretty Wing Honey
Tiny Mushroom Prism Scale
Big Mushroom Balm Mushroom
Max Revive Heal Powder
Poké Toy Revival Herb
Mental Herb Eviolite