Lumiose City - Style Guide

When you get into Lumiose City, you will find that you don't have access to various places. Certain things such as the Boutique won't let you in and everything costs a fair bit. This is because you're not considered stylish, but there's a way around it.

Dotted around Lumiose City, there's a variety of facilities for you to use. These facilities all have a variety of functions, but participating in them also helps your style rating, and when your style rating gets higher, you have access to more things. Below is a list on how to increase your style.

Things to do

Place Location Task Effect
Lumiose Museum North Boulevard Listen to the audio guide for a variety of art pieces Minimal
Trainer PR Studio South Boulevard Create a PR Video Minimal
Loto ID Center Estival Avenue Try to win at the lottery Minimal
Friseur Furfrou Vernal Avenue Get your Furfrou styled Minimal
Coiffure Clips South Boulevard Get your character a haircut Minimal
Juice Shoppe Autumnal Avenue Create some berry juice Moderate
Lumiose City Lumiose City Ride in a taxi or on Gogoat Moderate
Lumiose Station North Boulevard Take a train to Kiloude City Moderate
Lumiose City Lumiose City Shop in the various stores in the city Moderate
Lumiose City Lumiose City Battle in the restaurants in the city Moderate
Battle Institute North Boulevard Test out one of your teams High
Hotel Richissime North Boulevard Work for the hotel High
Lumiose Press Estival Avenue Speak to Alexa and have her show you around High


Place Location Effect
Boutique Coiture Vernal Avenue Gain access to store
Coiffure Clips South Boulevard New hairstyles are unlocked
Frieseur Furfrou Vernal Avenue New trims are unlocked
Juice Shoppe Autumnal Avenue New juices are unlocked
Lumi Cabs Lumiose City Can earn a discount in for journeys
Stone Emporium Vernal Avenue Mega Stone seller price reduces (down to 500,000, 300,000, 150,000, 100,000, 70,000 down to 10,000)
Shops Lumiose City Can earn a discount in the stores
Trainer PR Studio South Boulevard New effects for videos are added