Roller Skates

Roller Skates are a new item given to you when you reach Santalune City. They provide an alternative method of transport to running and the bike, but there are many unique factors to it. When you use the Circle Pad on the Nintendo 3DS, the Roller Skates activate. They allow you to go off of the standard grid movement that is done with the D-Pad and give you greater freedom.

Dotted around the region, there are various rails. These can be jumped upon when you have the roller skates out and give you access to a variety of previously unaccessible areas which typically have items. Some of these rails have dips that will knock you off if you are not going fast enough.

There are also five tricks to be obtained in the game, the last of which can only be obtained if you have the previous four.


Name Location Effect Picture
Backflip Lumiose City - North Boulevard If you have enough speed as you go over a ledge, you will be able to do a back-flip Photo
Running Start Lumiose City - Vert Plaza If you run as you set off, you will run faster and get significant speed when switching to the roller skates Photo
The Parallel Swizzle Lumiose City - South Boulevard If you pull back the D-Pad quickly in another direction, you will majestically turn Photo
The 360 Lumiose City - Estivel Avenue If you rotate the Circle Pad rapidly, you will do a spin while continuing to move Photo
The Cosmic Flip Lost Hotel If you have enough speed and skill when going on a ledge, you will have a special flip Photo