Pokémon Amie

The Pokémon Amie is a new feature introduced in Pokémon X & Y and utilises the game's 3D captabilities, along with the touch screen, to give you a level of interaction with the Pokémon never been seen before. With this mode, your Pokémon can be brought into the fray for you to interact with them.

This interaction ranges from feeding your Pokémon, to petting them and even playing with them. You can then mimic their movements and control them through the touch screen. Feeding them, using the special food called PokéPuff, is done by holding the food in front of their mouth on the touchscreen. If you let go of it, it will drop down and the Pokémon will be disgruntled.

To access Pokémon Amie, all you have to do is press one of the tabs on the bottom screen at any time when in the overworld. This will take you over to the Pokémon Amie tab and will have your lead Pokémon there. From there, you have the ability to enter Pokémon Amie with that Pokémon, change the Pokémon that is being focused

You can also play games with the Pokémon. These games help you get special PokéPuffs depending upon your success.

Pokémon Amie Stats

Like previous secondary features, Pokémon Amie has a few ways to track the progress of your Pokémon. There are three stats, each measured by five icons to deterine how well they have been trained in that field:

  • Affection: Determines how happy your Pokémon is with you
  • Fullness: Determines how much PokéPuff your Pokémon needs
  • Enjoyment: Determines how much your Pokémon has been played with

Each value can be altered slightly by participating in certain things. For example, playing a game with the Pokémon can lower its hunger stat.

To get the Affection stat up, which is the most important stat, you can do a variety of things including petting and feeding the Pokémon. This will increase the stat by a little amount. Each value is denoted by the small hearts that come out of the Pokémon whenever you feed or play with it. The ranking goes as follows

Affection Value Small Hearts Required
One Heart 1
Two Hearts 50
Three Hearts 100
Four Hearts 150
Five Hearts 250
Decorations & Amie Screen

As you play with the Pokémon in Pokémon Amie, you will end up getting various decorations. Many of the decorations you get are related to the type of the Pokémon you have been playing with. These decorations can then be put out onto your Pokémon Amie screen, and decorated however you like. We'll provide a list of these decorations as soon as we can.

On this screen, various other Pokémon will gather with your Pokémon to play. These Pokémon are in the Pokémon Amie of people in your Friends & Acquaintance list. In addition to that, as you move, your Pokémon will happily move along with you.

If you leave Poké Puffs on the floor for the other Pokémon, then you will eventually get given a special items such as Decorations, Wallpapers and even unique PokéPuffs

Pokémon Play

When you play with the Pokémon, yoou have the ability to interact with them on the touch screen of the Nintendo 3DS. This allows you to pet them in order to increase their affection which can lead to certain affects in battle. However, each Pokémon has got certain parts which angers them if you pet it, such as Charizard's horns and Pikachu's cheerls, and bits which damage you, such as flames.

In addition to that, you have the ability to feed Pokémon PokéPuffs. These are obtained by allowing other players to visit your Pokémon Amie page on the bottom screen, and as prizes for completing games. In the games, the higher the score, the better the PokéPuff.
There are five PokéPuff flavours: Mint, Citrus, Mocha, Spice and Sweet, with each Pokémon having their own preference. This varies depending on each individual Pokémon, and not species. In addition to that, there are four different categories for each PokéPuff: Basic, Frosted, Fancy and Deluxe, which can be denoted by the various topings on the top of them. The better the category, the more affection you will receive from your Pokémon.

In addition to that, there are more PokéPuffs to be found: Supreme PokéPuffs. Many of these can be given to you via friends on the Pokémon Amie screen, but others are given as a special gift in various circumstances

Name Location
Supreme Wish Get given it on your birthday.
Supreme Honour Defeat the Elite Four.
Supreme Spring Defeat a mini-game with 5 stars.
Supreme Summer Defeat a mini-game with 5 stars.
Supreme Autumn Defeat a mini-game with 5 stars.
Supreme Winter Defeat a mini-game with 5 stars.
Effect In Battle

The unique feature with Pokémon Amie is that after you have utilised the feature, you will come to see various effects in battle. These features range from superficial to largely beneficial for the trainer which allows for greater strategy in battle. Most of them occur randomly, with the rate increasing based upon the Pokémon's affection towards you. The effects known are as follows

  • Text: The introduction message, and various statements throughout battle change in context
  • Critical Hit Ratio: The ratio of Critical Hits is increased
  • Evasion: The Pokémon's evasion is increased

The following may be attributed to Pokémon Amie based on the visual representation, but it still isn't clear

  • Paralysis: The Pokémon has a chance of healing itself from paralysis
  • Sleep: The Pokémon has a chance of waking itself up
  • Confusion: The Pokémon has a chance of healing itself from confusion
  • Burn: The Pokémon has a chance of healing itself from burn
  • Poison: The Pokémon has a chance of healing itself from poison
  • Survival: The Pokémon has a chance of enduring a hit which would have knocked it out
  • EXP Yeild: The Pokémon can receive a boosted amount of EXP
  • Petting: If your Pokémon has high affection, you can pet it after it defeats a Pokémon by rubbing the touch screen.

We'll provide details on the various effects as they come


The mini-games are how you increase the Play stat of your Pokémon. Each mini-game has multiple levels of difficulty, with them raising the stat a little more with each difficulty.

Berry Picker

The Berry Picker mini-game is the first mini-game on the list. In this game, you have to use the touch screen to drag various berries to your Pokémon. It starts off with just one Pokémon, but as time progresses, more Pokémon appear and start wanting Berries which makes it very hectic

You get points based upon how fast and accurately you get the Berries to the Pokémon and how many Berries you successfully get to the Pokémon.

Point Table
Rank Easy Normal Hard Unlimited
None 0-4 0-4 0-4 0-9
5-9 5-9 5-9 10-19
★★ 10-14 10-14 10-14 20-39
★★★ 15-19 15-19 15-19 40-59
★★★★ 20-29 20-29 20-29 60-69
★★★★☆ 30-39 30-39 30-39 70-99
★★★★★ 40+ 40+ 40+ 100+
Head It

This game has various Pokémon on the bottom screen as various balls of yarn fall down. Your task is to hit the balls back up with your Pokémon. This is done by touching the Pokémon as the yarn hits. As you do this without missing, you will gain combos. If you hit the Pokémon as the yarn hits, you get more points for each hit.

Point Table
Rank Easy Normal Hard Unlimited
None 0-19 0-19 0-29 0-49
20-29 20-34 30-49 50-99
★★ 30-39 35-49 50-69 100-199
★★★ 40-99 50-109 70-129 200-399
★★★★ 100-199 110-219 130-239 400-599
★★★★☆ 200-299 220-329 240-349 600-799
★★★★★ 300+ 330+ 350+ 800+
Tile Puzzle

This game has you complete a puzzle of your own Pokémon. The image you're creating is in a constant state of motion to make it even more difficult. The task is to complete the puzzle as fast, and in as few moves, as possible. The faster you do it, the better you do.

Point Table
Rank Easy Normal Hard Unlimited
None - - - 0-139 Points
1 Minute 2 Minutes 3 Minutes 140-399 Points
★★ 50 Seconds 1 Minute 30 Seconds 2 Minutes 400-999 Points
★★★ 40 Seconds 1 Minute 1 Minute 40 Seconds 1000-2499 Points
★★★★ 30 Seconds 50 Seconds 1 Minute 20 Seconds 2500-4499 Points
★★★★☆ 20 Seconds 40 Seconds 1 Minute 10 Seconds 4500-6999 Points
★★★★★ 15 Seconds 30 Seconds 50 Seconds 7000 Points