The Kalos Region

US Name: Kalos
Jp. Name: Kalos (カロス)

Pokémon X & Y, like all previous games that begin a new generation, introduces a whole new region to explore. This time, the region is the Kalos Region. This region, loosely based upon the real world location of France, is a massive region with loads of cities to explore. It has factories, cities, caves and everything all dotted around

The Kalos region is in fact so large, that it actually has separated its own Pokédex into three parts; Central Kalos, Coast Kalos and Mountain Kalos.

This page will be updated with the new areas as we get to launch, and replaced with Pokéarth at launch.

Vaniville Town

US Name: Vaniville Town
Jp. Name: Asame Town (アサメタウン)

Vaniville Town is the town you start in. Within this town, you will find you are neighbours with the other gender character, while there are several other new trainers around who will aid you in your various travels through the Kalos region. Outside your house is your pet Rhyhorn

Santalune City

US Name: Santalune City
Jp. Name: Hakudan City (ハクダンシティ)

Santalune City is a nice small city that has a Roselia fountain in its center. This city is also home of the first gym, run by the Gym Leader Viola which specialises in Bug-type Pokémon. You will also meet the journalist Alexa within this city, and receive your rollerskates

Santalune Forest

US Name: Santalune Forest
Jp. Name: Hakudan Forest

Santalune Forest is a small forest between Vaniville Town and Santalune City. In it, you will travel through it with your various rivals. It has numerous wild Pokémon and trainers to battle

Lumiose City

US Name: Lumiose City
Jp. Name: Miare City (ミアレシティ)

Lumious City is the central city within the Kalos region and is a massive city. This city has roads, sewers and various other parts allowing for movement all across the city. In addition to that, in some parts of the city, you can ride the Pokémon Gogoat to get around quicker!

Shalour City

US Name: Shalour City
Jp. Name:

Shalour City is a relatively unknown city at this time. All that is known is that it contains the Gym run by the Gym Leader Korrina.

Tower of Mastery

US Name: Tower of Mastery
Jp. Name: Mastery Tower

The mysterious Tower of Mastery is located within the Kalos region, not far from Shalour City, and is said to have a mysterious connection to Mega Evolutions and Mega Stones!


Like all the previous games, the various areas are separated by routes. These routes all have various wild Pokémon and trainers within them. However, like Unova, and unlike Hoenn and Sinnoh, the route numbering system has reset, starting once again at Route 1