Like Daily & weekly events, Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 has got a collection of several special events that occur on the specific birthday that you have set on your DS or 3DS

Toy Cake

Location: Musical Hall - Nimbasa City

Like in Black & White, when you go to the Musical Hall and speak to the owner, he will give you a special prop, the Toy Cake prop. You can only receive this prop once, so if you received it through Memory Link, you won't be able to receive it here.

Pokémon Centres

Location: All of Unova

Like in Black & White, when you go to a Pokémon Centre on your birthday, the nurse will stop you as you're going to give her your Pokémon and gives you a special birthday message asking if it's your birthday and thenwishing you a happy birthday. If you say no, she will state that she must have been mistaken.

Quiz - Icirrus City

Location: Icirrus City

New to Black 2 & White 2, there is a special quiz given by the people in Icirrus City on your birthday. It doesn't give any special items or anything, but mostly changes the dialogue.

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