Previous Pokémon games had several differences between the two versions. In all games there were different Pokémon in different locations and Ruby & Sapphire took it further by having a different storyline between the games. However, Black & White take this feature to another level and includes areas that are slightly and completely different between the two games. Going even further than Pokémon Black & White, Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 introduce various miscellaneous changes


One of the first changes you'll notice is completely aesthetic. In battle, the Pokémon stat bar changes colour depending upon the game you're playing on. In Black 2, it has a black background while in White 2, it has a white background

Black 2White 2
Area Eyecatch

Another of the changes you'll notice are the eyecatches as you enter an area. This will state the area you are now in, an icon of the area and the season. Like the battles, its background is Black in Black 2 and White in White 2

Black 2White 2
Unova Link Keys

The next version difference is based upon certain keys unlocked for the Unova Link feature. These keys are shareable across all of the games but are natively obtained in each game.

Black 2White 2
NameFeatureStandard Method of ObtainingNameFeatureStandard Method of Obtaining
Challenge ModeIncreases the opponent's AI and Pokémon levelsDefeat the ChampionEasy ModeLowers the opponent's AI and Pokémon levelsDefeat the Champion
Iron KeyUnderground Ruins designed for RegisteelCapture RegirockIceberg KeyUnderground Ruins designed for RegiceCapture Regirock
Funfest Missions

The next change is in regards to the Funfest Missions. In the game, there are various Funfest Missions which are only going to be available within each respective game. While the missions can be played on both of the versions, you can only activate them yourself on the particular game. A list shall be provided when we get the game

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Join Avenue

The next change is in regards to the Join Avenue shops. As you connect with people, you will receive various players who open up shops with a variety of items. However, in some of these stores, the items will vary between the games of the player. This is especially true of the shops that sell berries

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