The Unova Region

Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 has you go through the Unova region once again. However, this time, you are travelling through it two years later than in Black & White and so various areas have been upgraded. Route 4 has had its construction work complete, Driftveil City has had major changings and more. Most noteworthy is that the map of the Unova region has various old areas covered in ice. To what extent, is not currently known

However, the game does not mean it's exactly the same as Black & White. Instead, the game begins in a brand new area of Unova located within the south-west of the region. There are numerous new areas within the region and this page will detail them all.

Aspertia City

US Name: Aspertia City
Jp. Name: Hiougi City (ヒオウギシティ)

Aspertia City is the starting city of Pokémon Black 2 & White 2. Unlike past starting areas, Aspertia City is quite expansive and has a variety of areas within it. First, it has a Pokémon Centre. Next to the Pokémon Centre is a trainer school and to the north-west of the city is a lookout where you can look towards the north and see the routes and mountains. Aspertia City is also the home of the first Gym in the game, run by Cheren

Floccesy Town

US Name: Floccesy Town
Jp. Name: Sangi Town (サンギタウン)

Floccesy Town is Alder's home town and is located just east of Aspertia City. It doesn't contain much but does contain Alder who will battle you later in the game and is where you will receive the Medal box.

Floccesy Ranch

US Name: Floccesy Ranch
Jp. Name: Sangi Ranch (サンギぼくじょう)

Floccesy Ranch is a small farm to the north of Route 20. This farm has a simple building but a large forest behind it where numerous Pokémon dwell. You first travel through the forest of it to hunt for a trainer's Herdier.

Virbank City

US Name: Virbank City
Jp. Name: Tachiwaki City (タチワキシティ)

Virbank City is a coastal city that connects to Castelia City via ferry. As it's an industrial city, it has a subtle lack of hue and is home to Roxie, the Virbank City Gym Leader who specialises in Poison-types. You have the ability to navigate around the area via the various waterways

Virbank Complex

US Name:
Jp. Name: Tachiwaki Complex (タチワキコンビナート)

Virbank Complex is a small industrial complex to the south of Virbank City. It contains numerous trainers as well as walkways around the various buildings within the area

Castelia Sewers

US Name:
Jp. Name: Hiun Sewers (ヒウンげすいどう)

Previously inaccessible in Black & White, Castelia's sewer system can now be accessed via a door in Sightseeing Pier. Originally, Team Plasma appear in this area, but more areas of it open up when Surf is obtained. It provides access to new areas of Castelia City, the Park area and a back alley.

Relic Passage

US Name:
Jp. Name: Ancient Path(こだいのぬけみち)

The Ancient Path is a new tunnel which connects Castelia Sewers to the Pokémon World Tournament area. These caves are fairly basic, and only traversable from PWT to Castelia Sewers. However, in the middle of the tunnel, you can access Relic Castle's basements which have since been blocked in.

Clay Tunnel

US Name:
Jp. Name: Yakon Road(ヤーコンロード)

Clay Tunnel opens up when you have defeated the Elite Four. This cave, named after the Gym Leader, Clay, connects four various parts of Unova. To the west is Mistralton Cave, to the north is Twist Mountain, to the south is Driftveil City and to the east are the Underground Ruins, a subsection of Clay Tunnel. To navigate around Clay Tunnel, you need to talk to the various miners who will take you to the next room using their mine carts.

Lentimas Town

US Name: Lentimas Town
Jp. Name: Yamaji Town(ヤマジタウン)

Lentimas Town is accessed by taking a plane from Mistralton City. It's a desert town high up on the mountain but does contain some helpful characters including one of Unova's move tutors. It also has a runway which can give access to return to Mistralton City.

Reversal Mountain

US Name: Reversal Mountain
Jp. Name: Reverse Mountain (リバースマウンテン)

Reversal Mountain is a mountain to the east of Lentimas Town and connects to Undella Town. This cave differs in appearance between versions but keeps the same backstory. This cave is where Heatran used to come in order to cool down. However, if you bring the Magma Stone to this cave, Heatran will return.

Marine Tube

US Name:
Jp. Name: Marine Tube(マリンチューブ)

The Marine Tube is a tunnel which runs under the ocean connecting Undella Town to Humilau City. This tunnel works similar to the other bridges, specifically Skyarrow Bridge by having adaptable camera angles. As you travel through the tunnel, you can see various Pokémon swimming by. If you see Wailord swim by, you will receive a medal.

Seaside Cave

US Name:
Jp. Name: Seaside Cave(うみべのどうけつ)

The Seaside Cave is a small cave sitting at the southern end of Route 21. This cave acts merely as a connector to Undella Bay but has multiple floors with trainers throughout.

Humilau City

US Name: Humilau City
Jp. Name: Seigaiha City (セイガイハシティ)

Humilau City is located at the end of Marine Tube and is another coastal city. This city has two parts. First, the Pokémon Centre and the Gym, run by Marlon, are located on the coast while the actual city is made up of various houses sitting upon the water akin to Pacifidlog Town

Victory Road

US Name: Victory Road
Jp. Name: Champion Road(チャンピオンロード)

Victory Road has had a massive change. As the original one, and Route 10, have been shut down, Victory Road is accessed from the east by Route 23. This Victory Road has you climb up the same mountain as before, but the other side of it. It is more based upon ruins and even features a passageway to the ruins of N's Castle

Nature Preserve

US Name: ??
Jp. Name: Nature Preserve(しぜんほごく)

The Nature Preserve is a far away area from Unova, accessible only by plane when you have received the License item. This sanctuary is relatively untouched by human hands and has numerous Pokémon species that do not dwell within Unova. Deep inside the forest part of it, you will find a Shiny Haxorus