New Items

Like all new main Pokémon games, Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 introduce a new bunch of items into the mix. These items are mostly Key Items and can be used for a variety of different features. They are as follows

Picture Name Effect
Colress MCHNA special device that forcibly awakens the powers of Pokemon. But it's a prototype, so it's unfinished. 
DNA SplicersA pair of linking pins to combine Kyurem and a Pokemon which were said to originally be one. 
Dropped ItemA LiveCaster picked up in Nimbasa City's Amusement Park. 
Grubby HankyA handkerchief that a regular visitor to Nacrene City's "Cafe Warehouse" dropped. Faintly smells of Pokemon. 
Medal BoxA box-like device which stores the medals you've collected and displays information about them. 
Oval CharmA mysterious unbelievable charm that when held, makes it easier for the Daycare Man to find eggs. 
PermitA license card necessary to enter the Nature Preserve that very few people know of. 
Plasma CardA card key needed in the Plasma Frigate when entering the Password. 
Reveal GlassA mysterious mirror that reflects the truth and changes Pokemon to their true forms. 
Shiny CharmA mysterious shining charm that when held, makes it easier to encounter shiny Pokemon.