Replacing the Pokémon Musicals as the alternative Pokémon challenge is PokéStar. PokéStar has a building in which you can participate in Pokémon movies. These movies have you partake in various scenarios to get the best movie. The Icirrus City Gym Leader, Brycen, plays a part in some of the movies

These movies can take up many different scenarios that feature you using your Pokémon and following a script. Initially, you have to use the rental Pokémon dictated by the movies, but once you've finished the scenario, you can enter with your own Pokémon

Making Movies

When you go to make the movies, you walk into an area with a green screen and often face up against a person in a motion capture suit. Here, it often goes into a battle scene where you use your Pokémon against the character in the motion capture suit.

Once in battle, you will get a variety of script options to follow and these options will determine the course of the movie. Once the script is done, the movie is complete and you can watch the outcome. It's currently unknown if there's a ranking system or how the movies are judged.

Below is a list of the movies and how to complete them, courtesy of bluesun

Ranks & Gifts

As you create more movies and earn more box office revenue, you will eventually start increasing in rank. This increase in rank is based on your total box office revenue and starts to give you more fans and build up the entire PokéStar Studios area.

Rank Revenue Unlocks
Rank 1 Beginning Backpacker Fan
Rank 2 300 Billion Guitarist Fan
Rank 3 1,000 Billion Kindergartener & Nurse
The Giant Woman Series
Rank 4 2,500 Billion Ace Trainer Fan
The "Everlasting Memories" Series
Rank 5 4,5000 Billion Plasma Grunt Fan
EX Complete all movies Access to own Dressing Room
Bronze Statue in PokéStar Studios

When you speak to the fans that are dotted all around the theatre, many of them will offer a variety of items as congratulations and thanks for the movie. These items vary based upon your success and the type of movie it is, with the last in the series providing rarer items. The amount of items you receive also may increase depending upon your current rank.

Movie Status Backpacker Guitarist Nurse Socialite Plasma Grunt
Bad Ending
Fresh Water
Favored Mail
Sweet Heart
Energy Powder
Good Ending on first parts of series
Bad Ending on Final
Berry Juice
Escape Rope
Energy Root
Good Ending on final part of a series
Strange Ending on any movie
Lava Cookie
Hyper Potion
Moomoo Milk
Old Gateau
Big Pearl
9,999 Yen earned on a movie
Pretty Wing
Max Revive
Star Piece
Full Restore
Special Shine

After you have created the movie for the first time, you have the ability to enter the movies with your own Pokémon. However, if you deviate from the script, say things out of character but don't fail the mission, then you will get the "Strange" ending of the movies. An example would be defeating Brycenman's Pokémon within the "Brycenman Strikes Back" movie.

If you do this successfully, your Pokémon will become a star, and will have a special intro animation that will show a star bouncing upwards as the Pokémon enters battle. This is a very rare sight for now so be sure to accomplish the movie missions in your own way. If you then send these Pokémon out again in movies, you will gain more revenue