Replacing the Pokémon Musicals as the alternative Pokémon challenge is PokéStar. PokéStar has a building in which you can participate in Pokémon movies. These movies have you partake in various scenarios to get the best movie. The Icirrus City Gym Leader, Brycen, plays a part in some of the movies

These movies can take up many different scenarios that feature you using your Pokémon and following a script. Initially, you have to use the rental Pokémon dictated by the movies, but once you've finished the scenario, you can enter with your own Pokémon

Below are details on how to complete the Brycenman Series


PLOT: In themepark targeted by a mysterious figure, an ally of justice appears
MISSION: Defeat an opponent each turn.
STRANGE ENDING: Follow the script but survive both turns
Rental Pokemon: Riolu, Male, Lv.13, Force Palm, Ice Punch, Steadfast

CUT1: Use the weakness of the Dark type!

Line ChoiceOutcome
"Riolukid: Just what I wanted!"Good
"Riolukid: Oh! I'm scared!!"Bad
CUT2: Use the weakness of the Flying type!

Mysterious Figure Brycenman PawniardVullaby
Brick Break
Aerial Ace
Faint Attack
Air Slash
Hold Item:
No Item
Hold Item:
No Item
Brycenman Strikes Back

PLOT: At a wharf where a luxury liner stops, an evil monster appears
MISSION: Survive for 5 CUTs. Beating the opponent is no good.
STRANGE ENDING: Defeat your opponent within 5 Cuts
Rental Pokemon: Lucario(Lv.28,Male)

CUT1: The line choice is important!

Line ChoiceOutcome
"Lucariokid: Why?"Good
"Lucariokid: You're the one that's gonna move!"Bad
"Lucariokid: You want the toilet...?"Alright
CUT2: Protect yourself from the opponent's attack!
CUT3: Protect yourself from the opponent's attack! The line choice is important!
Line Choice (if chosen toilet)Outcome
"Lucariokid: What's your goal!"Good
"Lucariokid: So you do need the toilet then?"Alright
"Lucariokid: Suspicious..."Alright
CUT4: Protect yourself from the opponent's attack!
CUT5: Protect yourself from the opponent's attack!

Mysterious Figure Brycenman HonchkrowScrafty
Level 34Level 34
Wing Attack
Fire Punch
Bulk Up
Hi Jump Kick
Hold Item:

Scope Lens
Hold Item:

Wide Lens
Brycenman Strikes Back 2

PLOT: Good VS Evil, the fated battle
MISSION: Defeat Set H1 within 15 CUTs. You can ignore the other opponents.
STRANGE ENDING: Don't defeat Set H1 and survive 15 CUTs
Rental Pokemon: : Lucario(1): Quick Attack, Endure, Reversal; Black Belt; Lucario(2): Fury Cutter, Force Palm, Sword's Dance

Line ChoiceOutcome
"Lucariokid: This'll be easy!"Alright
"Lucariokid: It's useless..."Bad
"Lucariokid: ...Let's go!!"Good
"Lucariokid: I wonder if I can get away..."Bad
CUT1: The line choice is important!
CUT2: Find out the Set's type!
CUT3: Beware of the opponent changing!
Line ChoiceOutcome
"Lucariokid: What happened!?"Alright
"Lucariokid: This is my chance...?"Bad
"Lucariokid: ...Let's go!!"Good
"Lucariokid: ..."Bad
CUT4: The line choice is important!
CUT5: Beware of the opponent changing!
CUT6: Finish it!
CUT7: Finish it!
CUT8: Finish it!
CUT9: Finish it!
CUT10: Finish it!
CUT11: Finish it!
CUT12: Finish it!
CUT13: Finish it!
CUT14: Finish it!
CUT15: Finish it!

Note, Brycenman is used as a Pokémon. Its stats are below

Pic Name Type Abilities Base Stats
HP Att Def Sp.Atk Sp.Def Spd
ハチクマン Levitate 100 100 100 100 100 100
The Battleship Brycen BrycenmanZoroarkMandibuzz
Level 56Level 54Level 54
Night Shade
Ice Beam
Night Daze
Focus Blast
Mirror Move
Dark Pulse
Air Slash
Hold Item:

Eject Button
Hold Item:

Focus Sash
Hold Item:

Eject Button