Flying Time Trial

One of the Elite Trials in the Terarium, specifically the Canyon Biome, was the Flying Time Trial. This was the Canyon Time Trial and allowed for you to fly with Koraidon/Miraidon to go through rings to get to the end in time. After completing the trial you gain access to completing the Time Trial over and over again.

The task here is to get to the end with time to spare. You start with timer that counts down and if you hit 0, you lose the Time Trial. However, you can augment your time value by flying through rings. Large orange wings created by Magnemite give you 3 seconds while smaller blue rings guarded by Magneton provide 5 seconds.

If you complete the course, you will receive some Blueberry Points.

You start off with the Easy Course, which is the Time Trial used to challenge the Elite Four, and then get the Normal and Hard Course straight after. After defeating Kieran and catching Terapagos, if you go to Amarys in the League Club, she will give your Koraidon/Miradon the food to fly permanently and will give you special access to the Super Hard Course once you have completed the Hard Course.

Flying Time Trial Image

List of Flying Time Trial Rewards

CourseFirst Time RewardCompletion Reward
Easy50 BP10 BP
Normal100 BP20 BP
Hard200 BP30 BP
Super Hard500 BP50 BP