Menu Customisation

One of the new features introduced in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet - The Teal Mask is the way to change the menu looks. Typically, the menu would have a look based on the game you were playing as the standard Paldea theme. However, once you get to Kitakami, it will change automatically to one matching the land of Kitakami.

There is, however, a way to lock this. You have the ability to change it by talking to the woman at the desk of the Community Center. She will allow for you to change it to be stuck to the Paldea look, or if you wish, let it change depending on where you are

Paldea Kitakami
Paldea Border Kitakami Border

Menu Customisation

Phone Customisation

Another new customisation feature was also added with the Version 2.0.1 patch and talk to a man outside the Loyalty Plaza in Kitakami. Now, when you look at the Pokédex, the Profile or the Map, you will get a special border that corresponds to the case you have selected for your Rotom Phone. This is largely an aesthetic change but lets you show off the different look in your menus.

To change it, you need to simply select the phone in your look by pressing the left button wherever you are. Th is can also be turned off again by talking to the man who gave you the feature

There are dozens of different phone options.

Phone Customisation

List of Phone Customisation Options

Picture Name Location Border
Default Case Default Case Start of game Default Case Header

Default Case Footer
Yellow Case Yellow Case Delibird Presents - Mesagoza Yellow Case Header

Yellow Case Footer
Green Case Green Case Delibird Presents - Mesagoza Green Case Header

Green Case Footer
Purple Case Purple Case Delibird Presents - Mesagoza Purple Case Header

Purple Case Footer
Pink Case Pink Case Delibird Presents - Mesagoza Pink Case Header

Pink Case Footer
Blue Case Blue Case Delibird Presents - Mesagoza Blue Case Header

Blue Case Footer
Turquoise Case Turquoise Case Delibird Presents - Mesagoza Turquoise Case Header

Turquoise Case Footer
Olive Case Olive Case Delibird Presents - Mesagoza Olive Case Header

Olive Case Footer
Rose Case Rose Case Delibird Presents - Mesagoza Rose Case Header

Rose Case Footer
Brown Case Brown Case Delibird Presents - Mesagoza Brown Case Header

Brown Case Footer
Lavender Case Lavender Case Delibird Presents - Mesagoza Lavender Case Header

Lavender Case Footer
Cream Case Cream Case Delibird Presents - Levincia Cream Case Header

Cream Case Footer
Dark Green Case Dark Green Case Delibird Presents - Levincia Dark Green Case Header

Dark Green Case Footer
Wine Red Case Wine Red Case Delibird Presents - Levincia Wine Red Case Header

Wine Red Case Footer
Orange Case Orange Case Delibird Presents - Levincia Orange Case Header

Orange Case Footer
Sky Blue Case Sky Blue Case Delibird Presents - Levincia Sky Blue Case Header

Sky Blue Case Footer
Navy Blue Case Navy Blue Case Delibird Presents - Levincia Navy Blue Case Header

Navy Blue Case Footer
Cocoa Brown Case Cocoa Brown Case Delibird Presents - Levincia Cocoa Brown Case Header

Cocoa Brown Case Footer
Dark Brown Case Dark Brown Case Delibird Presents - Levincia Dark Brown Case Header

Dark Brown Case Footer
White Case White Case Delibird Presents - Levincia White Case Header

White Case Footer
Black Case Black Case Delibird Presents - Levincia Black Case Header

Black Case Footer
Grass Case Grass Case Delibird Presents - Cascarrafa Grass Case Header

Grass Case Footer
Water Case Water Case Delibird Presents - Cascarrafa Water Case Header

Water Case Footer
Fire Case Fire Case Delibird Presents - Cascarrafa Fire Case Header

Fire Case Footer
Electric Case Electric Case Delibird Presents - Cascarrafa Electric Case Header

Electric Case Footer
Normal Case Normal Case Delibird Presents - Cascarrafa Normal Case Header

Normal Case Footer
Flying Case Flying Case Delibird Presents - Cascarrafa Flying Case Header

Flying Case Footer
Bug Case Bug Case Delibird Presents - Cascarrafa Bug Case Header

Bug Case Footer
Fighting Case Fighting Case Delibird Presents - Cascarrafa Fighting Case Header

Fighting Case Footer
Psychic Case Psychic Case Delibird Presents - Cascarrafa Psychic Case Header

Psychic Case Footer
Ghost Case Ghost Case Delibird Presents - Cascarrafa Ghost Case Header

Ghost Case Footer
Ground Case Ground Case Delibird Presents - Cascarrafa Ground Case Header

Ground Case Footer
Rock Case Rock Case Delibird Presents - Cascarrafa Rock Case Header

Rock Case Footer
Ice Case Ice Case Delibird Presents - Cascarrafa Ice Case Header

Ice Case Footer
Dark Case Dark Case Delibird Presents - Cascarrafa Dark Case Header

Dark Case Footer
Fairy Case Fairy Case Delibird Presents - Cascarrafa Fairy Case Header

Fairy Case Footer
Poison Case Poison Case Delibird Presents - Cascarrafa Poison Case Header

Poison Case Footer
Steel Case Steel Case Delibird Presents - Cascarrafa Steel Case Header

Steel Case Footer
Dragon Case Dragon Case Delibird Presents - Cascarrafa Dragon Case Header

Dragon Case Footer
Komala Log Case Komala Log Case Delibird Presents - Cascarrafa Komala Log Case Header

Komala Log Case Footer
Flabébé Flower Case Flabébé Flower Case Delibird Presents - Cascarrafa Flabébé Flower Case Header

Flabébé Flower Case Footer
Magnemite Magnet Case Magnemite Magnet Case Delibird Presents - Cascarrafa Magnemite Magnet Case Header

Magnemite Magnet Case Footer
Gothita Ribbon Case Gothita Ribbon Case Delibird Presents - Cascarrafa Gothita Ribbon Case Header

Gothita Ribbon Case Footer
Swablu Sky Case Swablu Sky Case Delibird Presents - Levincia Swablu Sky Case Header

Swablu Sky Case Footer
Combee Honey Case Combee Honey Case Delibird Presents - Levincia Combee Honey Case Header

Combee Honey Case Footer
Applin Apple Case Applin Apple Case Delibird Presents - Levincia Applin Apple Case Header

Applin Apple Case Footer
Pikachu Case Pikachu Case Delibird Presents - Levincia Pikachu Case Header

Pikachu Case Footer
Eevee Case Eevee Case Delibird Presents - Levincia Eevee Case Header

Eevee Case Footer
Sprigatito Case Sprigatito Case Delibird Presents - Mesagoza Sprigatito Case Header

Sprigatito Case Footer
Fuecoco Case Fuecoco Case Delibird Presents - Mesagoza Fuecoco Case Header

Fuecoco Case Footer
Quaxly Case Quaxly Case Delibird Presents - Mesagoza Quaxly Case Header

Quaxly Case Footer
Arc Phone Case Arc Phone Case From woman in Mesagoza if you have a Pokémon Legends Arceus save Arc Phone Case Header

Arc Phone Case Footer
Ball Guy Case Ball Guy Case From woman in Mesagoza if you have a Pokémon Sword & Shield save Ball Guy Case Header

Ball Guy Case Footer
Pokétch Case Pokétch Case From woman in Mesagoza if you have a Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl save Pokétch Case Header

Pokétch Case Footer
Pika-Vee Case Pika-Vee Case From woman in Mesagoza if you have a Pokémon Lets Go, Pikachu or Let's Go Eevee save Pika-Vee Case Header

Pika-Vee Case Footer
Tera Fire Case Tera Fire Case Kitakami Hall Stall Tera Fire Case Header

Tera Fire Case Footer
Tera Water Case Tera Water Case Kitakami Hall Stall Tera Water Case Header

Tera Water Case Footer
Tera Grass Case Tera Grass Case Kitakami Hall Stall Tera Grass Case Header

Tera Grass Case Footer
Poké Ball Case Poké Ball Case Kitakami Hall Stall Poké Ball Case Header

Poké Ball Case Footer
Poké Ball Case Poké Ball Case Kitakami Hall Stall Poké Ball Case Header

Poké Ball Case Footer
Poké Ball Case Poké Ball Case Kitakami Hall Stall Poké Ball Case Header

Poké Ball Case Footer
Poké Ball Case Poké Ball Case Kitakami Hall Stall Poké Ball Case Header

Poké Ball Case Footer
Poké Ball Case Poké Ball Case Kitakami Hall Stall Poké Ball Case Header

Poké Ball Case Footer
Scarlet Case Scarlet Case ?? Scarlet Case Header

Scarlet Case Footer
Violet Case Violet Case ?? Violet Case Header

Violet Case Footer
Okidogi Case Okidogi Case Kitakami Hall Stall Okidogi Case Header

Okidogi Case Footer
Munkidori Case Munkidori Case Kitakami Hall Stall Munkidori Case Header

Munkidori Case Footer
Fezandipiti Case Fezandipiti Case Kitakami Hall Stall Fezandipiti Case Header

Fezandipiti Case Footer
Glitterati Case Glitterati Case Defeat O'Nare in South Province Area 3 Glitterati Case Header

Glitterati Case Footer