PokéPark Wii, like all other games, has a variety of areas for you to explore. These areas are all vastly different and house a variety of different Pokémon.

Meadow Zone

Accessed After;: Beginning
Bulbasaur's Foot Race
Venusaur's Rope Swinging

The Meadow Zone is the first area that you will discover. This area is a lightly forested area with a variety of scenic areas. There's a climbing frame area, a waterfall, and a stream going through it. It houses a good portion of the early game and allows you to get to grips with the Pokémon in the game. There are 31 Pokémon to be found in this area, all accessed through a variety of means.

There is a small plot line here as when you have defeated the Bulbasaur Foot Race, your friend Chikorita will get kidnapped and you'll have to prove your worth to Treecko & Mankey before they let you through to where Chikorita is.

The head of the area is Venusaur

Pokémon Present:
Chatot Chikorita Turtwig Torterra Buneary Munchlax Treecko Mankey Bidoof Bibarel Oddish Aipom Ambipom Leafeon Spearow Croagunk Starly Bonsly Sudowoodo Pachirisu Lotad Shinx Scyther Magikarp Caterpie Butterfree Weedle Shroomish Tropius Bulbasaur Venusaur Chimchar Drifblim

Gathering Place Area

Accessed After;: Defeat Venusaur's Rope Swinging

The next area is the Gathering Place Area. This area has connections to all the other areas through gates that can only be unlocked once you have reached a certain critera. It is based around a tree and holds numerous different stalls for you to enhance Pikachu

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Pokémon Present:
Chatot Chikorita Buneary Bibarel Starly Lotad Piplup Wynaut Corphish Teddiursa Primeape Meowth Cranidos Charmander Ponyta Torchic Riolu Misdreavus Electabuzz Duskull Skorupi Furret Eevee Budew Drifblim Burmy Mime Jr. Abra

Beach Zone

Accessed After;: Defeat Venusaur's Rope Swinging
Pelipper's Sky Flap Race
Gyarados' Marine Slider

The next main area is a Beach based area called Beach Zone. This area starts off segregated to a few different parts, with the bridge being available to the other half after you have answered Corsola's quiz correctly. As it's a beach area, it's packed with Water Pokémon of all varieties

Story wise, one of your friends, Piplup, is stuck in the middle island and can't get out due to wild Carvanha. You need to get a Bidoof from Meadow Zone to come over and build another bridge for you to cross with. Once the area is complete, you will discover a hot air balloon. It also has access to the Iceberg Zone through Lapras

Pokémon Present:
Chatot Bidoof Starly Piplup Slowpoke Azurill Corsola Wynaut Carvanha Sharpedo Wailord Totodile Feraligatr Lapras Psyduck Golduck Buizel Floatzel Vaporeon Mudkip Taillow Staravia Pidgeotto Krabby Corphish Blastoise Wingull Pelipper Gyarados Drifblim

Iceberg Zone

Accessed After;: Befriend Lapras
Empoleon's Snow Slider

The next main area is an Icy Mountain area featuring a variety of Ice Pokémon. There are three "main" areas, all seperated by long paths. There is also a lower area accessed by the Ski Lift once you fix it. Unlike the previous areas, the Iceberg Zone only has one attraction within it.

Story wise, you're looking for the bits to fix the Ski Lift and help Piloswine look for Mamoswine. This ends up involving you helping Delibird decorate a Christmas Tree and Glalie build an Igloo. You also have to freeze a lake to access Mamoswine

Pokémon Present:
Chatot Starly Lapras Mudkip Taillow Staravia Wingull Glalie Froslass Piloswine Mamoswine Teddiursa Ursaring Kirlia Spheal Quagsire Glaceon Octillery Delibird Primeape Squirtle Smoochum Sneasel Prinplup Empoleon Drifblim

Cavern Zone

Accessed After;: Defeat Empoleon's Snow Slider
Bastiodon's Panel Crush

The next main area is set deep within some mines. There are a variety of ground Pokémon here including Gible & Marowak with more hidden away in crates. The areas are seperated by mine cart tracks.

Story wise, when you're here, Mr. Mime informs you of a problem with the mine cart rails and asks you to help fix them. This task will involve you waking up a sleeping Snorlax and battling many Pokémon

Pokémon Present:
Chatot Bonsly Sudowoodo Teddiursa Mr. Mime Mawile Aron Gible Marowak Zubat Golbat Diglett Dugtrio Snorlax Geodude Machamp Meowth Scizor Cranidos Phanpy Raichu Magnemite Magnezone Hitmonlee Electivire Bastiodon Chimchar Seaking Drifblim

Magma Zone

Accessed After;: Fix rails in Cavern Zone
Rhyperior's Heat Up Fight
Blaziken's Punching Rock

The next main area is not accessible through the hub other than with Drifblim. It is only accessible through mine cart in the Cavern Zone. This Zone is set in a Volcano and is filled with a variety of Fire type Pokémon. You have to find them and use machines to get through certain areas

Story wise, when you're here, you learn that there are fires blocking off parts of the volcano and the machines controlling them are broken. You need to find material to forge into parts of the machines for them to work.

Pokémon Present:
Chatot Bonsly Geodude Charmander Hitmontop Hitmonchan Camerupt Piplup Empoleon Vulpix Ninetales Farfetch'd Meditite Magby Magmortar Flareon Magcargo Torkoal Golem Quilava Baltoy Claydol Ponyta Rhyperior Torchic Blaziken Drifblim Groudon

Haunted Zone

Accessed After;: Beat Blaziken's Punching Rock
Tangrowth's Swing Race
Dusknoir's Running Crash
Rotom's Spooky Shoot-'em-Up

The next main area is accessible after you find there's a hole in the Hot Air Balloon. Misdreavus directs you to the Haunted Zone. This Zone is set in the courtyard of a Haunted House and thus features a lot of Ghost & Dark type Pokémon. It is a large area that encompasses the courtyard as well as the various floors of the house

Story wise, when you get here, you're told to look for Rotom. This task requires you to go through the house, helping all the Ghost Pokémon, opening rooms as you go. You have to find a Book key, fix a piano and much more.

Pokémon Present:
Chatot Aipom Ambipom Meowth Raichu Murkrow Honchkrow Gliscor Drifloon Kakuna Metapod Tangrowth Riolu Sableye Spinarak Breloom Pichu Misdreavus Mismagius Elekid Electabuzz Luxray Stunky Skuntank Voltorb Electrode Umbreon Espeon Gastly Haunter Gengar Duskull Dusknoir Abra Drifblim Darkrai Rotom

Granite Zone

Accessed After;: Beat Rotom's Spooky Shoot-'em-Up
Absol's Hurdle Bounce
Salamence's Air Ace

The next main area is accessible after you hear an Earthquake in the hub while talking to Skorupi. He will let you into the Granite Zone. This Zone is set in some ruins on the cliffside so features a variety of Pokémon of different types from Hoppip to Charizard

When you explore into the Granite Zone, you will discover a Flygon whom will not you past the big door if you haven't got 3 passwords from different Pokémon. Two of these Pokémon are dotted around the ruins, but the last one requires you to go to the Cavern Zone. Once you have all three passwords, you will be let through.

Pokémon Present:
Chatot Taillow Blastoise Marowak Magmortar Baltoy Claydol Drifloon Charizard Flygon Porygon-Z Bronzor Togekiss Arcanine Buneary Furret Staraptor Skorupi Eevee Hoppip Jumpluff Aerodactyl Jolteon Tyranitar Garchomp Absol Salamence Drifblim Jirachi

Flower Zone

Accessed After;: Beat Salamence's Air Ace
Rayquaza's Balloon Panic

The next main area is accessed as soon as you beat the Salamence Super Sky Race attraction. You will be given a path upwards to the top of the mountain where the Flower Zone is. The Flower Zone is home to a variety of Pokémon including the legendary Pokémon; Shaymin

The task here is quite simple. You get told by Mareep that you need a mirror to call Rayquaza. This mirror is found in the Gathering Place at the top of the treehouse. Get this mirror and you're returned here. After Rayquaza appears and you beat its attraction, you will need to speak to Shaymin. Shaymin needs the Water Bottle from Bellossom to allow the Gracidea to grow. Once you retrieve it, it will transform to its Sky Forme and take you up to the Sky Garden

Pokémon Present:
Chatot Teddiursa Meditite Furret Bellossom Budew Skiploom Cyndaquil Mareep Dragonite Lucario Rayquaza Shaymin

Sky Garden

Accessed After;: Help Shaymin change form

The Sky Garden is a deserted area only available after you have beaten all attractions. When there, you will find your friends Chikorita, Piplup & Charmander as well as an extra Piplup. When you talk to both Piplups, you will discover one is actually Mew and Mew will then challenge you with a Jump Contest, three battles and a tag race. Beat them and you've beaten the game

Pokémon Present:
Chikorita Piplup Charmander Mew