Rotom's Spooky Shoot-'em-Up

US Name: Rotom's Spooky Shoot-'em-Up
Jp. Name: Rotom's Pulse Shoot System(ロトムのどきどきシューティング)

Area Found: Haunted Zone

Attraction Type: Target
Timed: No

Rotom's Pulse Shoot System is the third attraction in the House Zone. This attraction is the first that utilises the Wii's InfraRed features. Here, you point at the screen and press A to fire the projectiles. You are faced with Swarms of Pokémon and you have to defeat them all before one, and only one, gets through and hits you. Once one hits you, it's all over. Gastly count for 100 Points, Haunter for 300 and Rotom's many forms for 1000

No. Pic Name Target Score
Pikachu 2,000
P-093 Magnemite 1,000
P-190 Rotom 24,000
P-151 Porygon-Z 11,000
P-094 Magnezone 10,000
P-146 Gengar 9,000
P-109 Magmortar 8,500
P-096 Electivire 8,000
P-134 Mismagius 7,500
P-116 Claydol 6,500
P-136 Electabuzz 6,000
P-145 Haunter 5,500
P-179 Abra 5,000
P-135 Elekid 4,000
P-076 Mr. Mime 3,500
P-115 Baltoy 3,000