Salamence's Air Ace

US Name: Salamence's Air Ace
Jp. Name: Salamence's Super Sky Race(ボーマンダのスーパースカイレース)

Area Found: Granite Zone

Attraction Type: Target
Timed: No

Salamence's Air Ace has you controlling a Flying Pokémon through a mountainous area. Here, you will discover a variety of targets dotted across the stage. Small targets are worth 300 points while large targets are worth 100.

The Pokémon are controlled through the Wii Remote's motion control and you have the ability to shoot our projectiles from your Pokémon to take out distant targets. You have a continual tally of your points so you will know how well you're doing

Score List

No. Pic Name Target Score
Pikachu 5,000
P-192 Latios 25,000
P-167 Salamence 20,000
P-149 Charizard 18,000
P-173 Dragonite 17,000
P-150 Flygon 16,000
P-162 Aerodactyl 15,000
P-157 Staraptor 14,000
P-122 Honchkrow 13,000
P-123 Gliscor 12,000
P-051 Pidgeotto 10,500
P-153 Togekiss 10,000
P-082 Golbat 9,000
P-049 Taillow 8,000
P-121 Murkrow 7,000
P-081 Zubat 6,000