Blaziken's Boulder Bash

US Name: Blaziken's Boulder Bash
Jp. Name: Blaziken's Punching Rock(バシャーモのパンチングロックス)

Area Found: Lava Zone

Attraction Type: Point Collection
Timed: Yes

Blaziken's Punching Rock takes you and your Pokémon into a Volcano. In this volcano, your Pokémon stand in a spot where a cannon will shoot various rocks at you. Your task is to destroy the rocks with your Pokémon by shaking the Wii Remote at the best time. For each rock you break, you get points. Like other attractions, you will get combination bonuses as you play through so the more rocks you hit without missing any, the better your score.

Score List

No. Pic Name Target Score
Pikachu 6,000
P-086 Geodude 5,000
P-091 Phanpy 3,000
P-187 Groudon 40,000
P-120 Blaziken 30,000
P-165 Garchomp 28,000
P-089 Scizor 26,000
P-109 Magmortar 24,000
P-100 Hitmonchan 22,000
P-087 Machamp 20,000
P-080 Marowak 18,000
P-106 Farfetch'd 16,000
P-090 Cranidos 13,000
P-101 Camerupt 10,000
P-097 Bastiodon 8,000
P-077 Mawile 7,000