Empoleon's Snow Slider

US Name: Empoleon's Snow Slide
Jp. Name: Empoleon's Snow Slider(エンペルトのスノースライダー)

Area Found: Iceberg Zone

Attraction Type: Time Trial
Timed: Yes

Empoleon's Snow Slider is also derived from a previous attraction. Like Gyarados' Marine Slider, your task here is to get through the course in the shorted time. However, the courses are more open than in the Marine Slider and have a variety of obstacles you need to get around. There are small boost gates around to help you accelerate. Control of the Pokémon is once again done through the Wii Remote's motion control

No. Pic Name Target Score
Pikachu 00:58:00
P-062 Teddiursa 00:59:00
P-024 Magikarp 01:00:00
P-184 Suicune 00:40:00
P-075 Empoleon 00:45:00
P-067 Glaceon 00:46:00
P-054 Blastoise 00:47:00
P-058 Glalie 00:48:00
P-042 Lapras 00:49:00
P-069 Delibird 00:50:00
P-060 Piloswine 00:51:00
P-074 Prinplup 00:52:00
P-071 Squirtle 00:53:00
P-032 Piplup 00:54:00
P-066 Quagsire 00:55:50
P-065 Spheal 00:57:00