Tangrowth's Swing-Along

US Name: Tangrowth's Swing-Along
Jp. Name: Tangrowth's Swing Race(モジャンボのスイングレース)

Area Found: Haunted Zone

Attraction Type: Race
Timed: Yes

Tangrowth's Swing Race is a race based upon the same swinging mechanics as Venusaur's Rope Swing earlier in the game. Here, you build up your momentum and get your fastest swings. The momentum should then carry on to each rope as you move on. If you have enough speed and distance, you may be able to skip the rope altogether

Score List

No. Pic Name Target Score
Pikachu 00:30:20
P-088 Meowth 00:30:40
P-132 Pichu 00:30:60
P-188 Celebi 00:19:00
P-174 Lucario 00:27:80
P-103 Infernape 00:28:00
P-120 Blaziken 00:28:20
P-128 Riolu 00:28:40
P-073 Sneasel 00:28:60
P-092 Raichu 00:28:80
P-013 Ambipom 00:29:00
P-070 Primeape 00:29:20
P-012 Aipom 00:29:40
P-136 Electabuzz 00:29:60
P-102 Chimchar 00:29:80
P-016 Croagunk 00:30:00