Dusknoir's Speed Slam

US Name: Dusknoir's Speed Slam
Jp. Name: Dusknoir's Running Crash(ヨノワールのクラッシュランニング)

Area Found: Haunted Zone

Attraction Type: Race
Timed: Yes

Dusknoir's Running Crash acts in a similar manner to Bulbasaur's Foot Race in that is a race where you and several other Pokémon try to get from the start to the finish. However, unlike that attractions, there's many obstacles that appear on the course that need to be disposed of or circumvented including walls and the occassional Spinarak

Score List

No. Pic Name Target Score
Pikachu 00:15:50
P-138 Stunky 00:16:00
P-189 Darkrai 00:08:00
P-146 Gengar 00:09:00
P-134 Mismagius 00:09:50
P-089 Scizor 00:10:00
P-143 Espeon 00:10:50
P-148 Dusknoir 00:11:00
P-142 Umbreon 00:11:50
P-090 Cranidos 00:12:00
P-139 Skuntank 00:12:50
P-140 Voltorb 00:13:00
P-144 Gastly 00:13:50
P-147 Duskull 00:14:00
P-133 Misdreavus 00:14:50
P-052 Krabby 00:15:00