Pelipper's Circle Circuit

US Name: Pelipper's Circle Circuit
Jp. Name: Pelipper's Sky Flap Race (ペリッパーのはばたきスカイレース)

Area Found: Beach Zone

Attraction Type: Target
Timed: No

Pelipper's Sky Flap Race is a simple sky race. This has you going from Point A to Point B as a flying Pokémon. However, along the way there are numerous targets that you need to go through while flying. These range from 10 points for Yellow, 100 Points for Red & 1000 points for Multi-Coloured. It's controlled through motion control signalling Up for Up, Down for Down and so forth

Score List

No. Pic Name Target Score
Pikachu 8,500
P-183 Latias 30,000
P-157 Staraptor 18,000
P-153 Togekiss 17,000
P-122 Honchkrow 16,000
P-123 Gliscor 15,000
P-056 Pelipper 14,000
P-050 Staravia 13,000
P-051 Pidgeotto 12,000
P-026 Butterfree 11,000
P-029 Tropius 10,000
P-121 Murkrow 9,600
P-049 Taillow 9,300
P-015 Spearow 9,000
P-017 Starly 8,800
P-055 Wingull 8,600