Bastiodon's Block Barrage

US Name: Bastiodon's Block Barrage
Jp. Name: Bastiodon's Panel Crash(トリデプスのパネルクラッシュ)

Area Found: Cavern Zone

Attraction Type: Target
Timed: No

Bastiodon's Panel Crash has you controlling your Pokémon in a small area. Here, a ball will fly out at you and you have to reflect it back, knocking panels down, similar to the classic game Breakout. Numerous obstacles come on the field that will hinder your progress. You have three balls to use and once all are used, the attraction ends.

Score List

No. Pic Name Target Score
Pikachu 2,500
P-129 Sableye 2,000
P-088 Meowth 1,500
P-119 Torchic 1,000
P-185 Metagross 99,000
P-096 Electivire 24,000
P-109 Magmortar 20,000
P-095 Hitmonlee 18,000
P-063 Ursaring 15,000
P-076 Mr. Mime 12,000
P-092 Raichu 9,000
P-019 Sudowoodo 8,000
P-098 Charmander 5,500
P-079 Gible 4,500
P-102 Chimchar 4,000
P-108 Magby 3,500