Rayquaza's Balloon Panic

US Name: Rayquaza's Balloon Panic
Jp. Name: Rayquaza's Balloon Panic(レックウザのパニックバルーン)

Area Found: Flower Zone

Attraction Type: Target
Timed: No & Yes

Rayquaza's Balloon Panic has you controlling your Pokémon in two distinct events. First, you are running across a large balloon Lucario. There are targets dotted around the balloon and you have to get them. It is controlled by tilting your Wii Remote Left & Right to move and 2 to jump. Yellow Targets are worth 100, Red 300 and Multi Coloured 1000. There are however Voltorb & Electrode rolling down which will cost you 100 and 300 points respectively

No. Pic Name Target Score
Pikachu 15,000
P-193 Deoxys 54,000
P-174 Lucario 45,000
P-067 Glaceon 42,000
P-137 Luxray 40,000
P-061 Mamoswine 34,000
P-103 Infernape 33,000
P-046 Floatzel 32,000
P-118 Rhyperior 29,000
P-166 Absol 28,000
P-131 Breloom 27,000
P-172 Mareep 24,000
P-171 Cyndaquil 23,000
P-040 Totodile 22,000
P-002 Chikorita 20,000
P-178 Mime Jr. 17,000