PokéPark Wii has a main area which connects all the different worlds together. The hub is filled with a variety of functions for you to take advantage of. They are as follows


In every area, you will find a sign similar to a Bus Stop sign which allows you to call Drifblim. Drifblim will arrive and for a small fee of originally 20, but when befriended, 10, he will gladly take you to one of the areas so you can travel around the PokéPark quickly


Misdreavus' stall is unique in that it offers a fourth wall breaking service. When you first arrive, Misdreavus will give you film for a camera. This camera can be used at any time (outside of Trial of Strength activities) to take screenshots of the action as it happens. This is done with the Wii's Minus (-) Button.

When you return, you have a variety of options including viewing your gallery, saving the images to your SD card, deleting the images, uploading images from the SD card and purchasing more film for your camera.

Powering Up Pikachu


Available: Immediately

Electabuzz is available immediately and will power up Pikachu's Thunderbolt attack for you. This is done in increments and the cost of it increases exponentially from 350. This is a vital service as you go through the game. The Thunderbolt move is activated with the A Button


Available: After Defeating Gyarados' Marine Slider

After you have beaten the Beach Zone, you will discover Ponyta has arrived in the hub. Ponyta will gladly teach you its speed tricks to improve your Quick Attack ability which is accessed with the 1 Button. This move is vital for the Tag Races in the Trial of Strength


Available: After Defeating Empoleon's Snow Slider

After you have beaten the Ice Zone, Bibarel will appear with the next Pokémon. Bibarel has the ability to help you improve Pikachu's Hit Points on the same scale as the previous abilities. As you progress through the game, your opponents will be able to do more damage so it's best to get prepared


Available: After Defeating Empoleon's Snow Slider

After you have beaten the Ice Zone, Primeape will finally appear. Primeape's function here is to teach you the Iron Tail move. Unlike the previous abilities, Iron Tail is not known until you learn it from Primape. The move is accomplished in battle only via a shake of the Wii Remote