Absol's Hurdle Bounce

US Name: Absol's Hurdle Bounce
Jp. Name: Absol's Hurdle Succession(アブソルのつぎつぎハードル)

Area Found: Granite Zone

Attraction Type: Race
Timed: Yes

Absol's Hurdle Succession is another footrace where you have to control your Pokémon through shaking the Wii Remote. However, this race has obstacles in the form of Dugtrio and a variety of panels. Dugtrio acts as a hurdle and requires you to jump over it in order to pass it. This is done by using the 2 button

Score List

No. Pic Name Target Score
Pikachu 00:18:50
P-002 Chikorita 00:19:00
P-191 Shaymin 00:11:00
P-166 Absol 00:11:90
P-174 Lucario 00:12:30
P-117 Ponyta 00:12:70
P-105 Ninetales 00:13:10
P-155 Lopunny 00:13:50
P-143 Espeon 00:14:00
P-103 Infernape 00:14:50
P-131 Breloom 00:15:00
P-128 Riolu 00:15:50
P-156 Furret 00:16:00
P-172 Mareep 00:16:50
P-159 Eevee 00:17:50
P-104 Vulpix 00:18:00