Dotted around the various areas of the PokéPark are over 100 Pokémon. These Pokémon will join you if you defeat them in a Trial of Strength. These are simple competitions of Pikachu against them. There are five different activities you participate in, all of which have their own mechanics. Once you have defeated the Pokémon, you're able to challenge them again and again


The main Trial of Strength event is the Battle. This features Pikachu battling the opponents in real time. Each opponent tends to have a close attack as well as a projectile attack to get you in the distance. Their health ranges from 2 bars up to and including six bars of health so it's best to plan strategically. You have 99 seconds in which to battle.

After you've powered Pikachu up, its Thunderbolt will stun the Pokémon temporarily allowing for you to get a Quick Attack or Iron Tail in to get extra damage. If you're against a Grass, Ground or Electric Pokémon however, your Thunderbolt won't work leaving you with just the Quick Attack and Iron Tail abilities.

Tag Race

The second most common Trial of Strength is the Tag Race. This features a Pokémon running away from Pikachu. Your task is to catch up with it in the time allotted. This can be quite tricky, especially as you have races against some Flying Pokémon, where you have to wait for them to land, or against Ghost Pokémon whom just disappear.

Some Pokémon will also use attacks to leave obstacles such as a cloud of Poisonpowder or a bit of fire in order to hinder your progress. Your best bet here is to constantly use Pikachu's Quick Attack to gain ground and once you're close enough, use Pikachu's Thunderbolt to stop them. Then, you just need to hit them and you win the Tag Race.

Hide & Seek

On occassion, the Pokémon you encounter will duggest a game of Hide & Seek. Once you accept, the screen cuts and you'll have to explore the immediate area looking for the Pokémon. Some are easy to find while some are hidden behind other things.

Here is where you should really keep the sound on. When playing Hide & Seek, if you get close to the opponent Pokémon, you will hear their cries so you know you're close. Once you've discovered the Pokémon, just press 2 to interact with them and you win.


Sometimes, the Pokémon will offer you quizzes in order for them to let you pass or for them to join you. These quizzes are simple questions based on your Pokémon knowledge and should be incredibly easy for the seasoned Pokémon trainer.

However, if you do get the question wrong, the Pokémon will give you the answer afterwards so remember it and try it again. After you have answered 3 consecutive questions correctly, the Pokémon will join you and let you pass.

Jump Challenge

The least common Trial of Strength is the Jump Challenge. Several Pokémon will offer you a small course featuring a variety of platforms for you to get across. These courses are usually simple, but on one occassion, the Pokémon giving it will be throwing objects at you for you to dodge

You have a 99 second time limit for these so you have plenty of time to plan each move. If you fall off of any platforms, you start at the beginning with the time continuing to count down.