Chatter is a flying type move that causes damage but may also confuse the foe. It can only be learned by the Parrot Chatot, but through this, it has a very unique quirk that also affects it's secondary effect

Chatter is the only move in the game that makes use of the Microphone on the Nintendo DS. In the selection screen, you can select Chatter as an option under Chatot if it knows the attack and it will allow you to record anything for Chatot to say when using this attack.

Now, the volume of the recording is key. Why you ask? It determines the success rate of the secondary effect of the attack, confusion. The louder you make the recording, the more likely the attack is to confuse the foe. Very handy in deed, but don't make it too loud like a scream as the microphone may not be able to pick it up right and thus the rate will be lower

Chatot will also use this as it's cry until you have deleted it or replaced it

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